3 Critical Features of an Excellent Corporate Video

Excellent Corporate Video
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Negosentro | 3 Critical Features of an Excellent Corporate Video | A corporate video is an exhibition of a specific aspect of a company to its clients and audience. But corporate videos do not have to be about boardroom footage, presentations, and other serious business matters.

It can be the total opposite. Your corporate videos do not necessarily have to be corporate-looking, especially if you want to show a fresh and innovative side of your business that will appeal to your target demographic. You must factor in your goals for your corporate video and collaborate with an expert such as Corporate Video Production Company UK to get the desired results.

  1. The video must have a good length

As a general rule, your video must be under three minutes if it is a marketing video. A good guideline is one to three minutes.

It will help if you keep your video short but not so short that it is forgettable and finishes in a blink of an eye. It must captivate your audience and guarantee engagement.

The reality of attention spans today is it is short. Your audience is more willing to watch your video if they know that it will only be few minutes long.

But the upside is they will stay focused and interested the whole time it is running.

In the UK, the preproduction of a video may include consultations with experts. It will involve choosing and finding the location as well as getting permits and creating a narrative. In the UK, the cost of this can vary from 250 pounds to 2500 pounds, contingent on the amount of work necessary.

  1. Your video must have a call to action

The call to action of your video must instruct audiences to do something specific such as visit the company website.

A call to action is a way to convert leads via your corporate video. It encourages your viewers to communicate their interests by taking the necessary action.

Although you may be posting your video on social media, it is always the best route to include your call to action on the video itself. If you only provide the CTA on the caption, your audience might miss it.

Videographers in the UK typically charge 40 pounds per hour for beginners, while experts demand 250 pounds per hour. Factors such as personnel experience and quality of the equipment must also be considered.

  1. Make your sales pitch subtle

Unless you are creating a deliberate promotional video, you must keep your sales message subtle. But it is recommended not to include any sales pitch at all. People may enjoy watching your video but may be put off by the hint of sales. Sales can break the magic spell of a great video. It may mitigate the impact of your message. Experts such as Corporate Video Production Company UK can help you craft a compelling but understated script.

In a counterintuitive way, not including sales messages often builds customer trust as well as brand awareness. Since there are fewer distractions, the more your audience will focus on your video.

  1. Powerful message

Your message doesn’t necessarily have to be awe-inspiring or larger-than-life. But a strong message is something clear and on point. For example, if you want to show that your business values people make sure that it is a clear motif throughout the entire exhibition. Utilize your slogan to send the message across. It can be as straightforward as ‘we value our people’. There is no confusion in this statement.

You might be in a fix whether to go for cheaper services or invest in high-quality video production services in the UK. There are services for every price point. Some companies will charge as little as 500 pounds for an entire promotional video which will span up to 60 seconds. But there will be companies that will charge up to 2000 pounds for the same service since it is accomplished at superior standards.

When you are shopping around for a videographer or production company, it is best not to be so concerned about the cost of the service. Instead, it would help if you considered the results. The potential value of an expertly made video will result in enormous gains for you and your business. Goes without saying, a poorly produced video will also have an impact on your bottom line.

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