Inversion Generators – What is an inverter generator and where can you find them

Inversion Generators

What is a portable inverter generator? That is what this piece aims to find out the portable part is pretty self-explanatory but the inverter well that is something that requires a bit more specialist knowledge.

Inverter generators are a more unusual type of generator and they are often more expensive than your average conventional generator as well. A regular portable generator will be cheaper than a portable inverter generator but why and is it worth the price?

Inverter generators are more modern appliances and they feature more advanced technology. They work in a similar manner to conventional generators by outputting AC but they then convert it to DC power before finally inverting it into cleaner more efficient energy.

This inversion process is where the name inverter generators comes from, the cleaning power you’ll get from an inverter generator makes them perfect for people looking to be more eco-friendly but it also helps the generator run more quietly as well.

Regular generators including portable models can be used with an inverter to do the same thing as an inverter generator. But this means you need to buy two different appliances and have them work in conjunction with each other. With a portable inverter generator, you get all this in a more compact portable package.

So, far it might seem like you don’t get anything overly useful for the extra expense an inverter generator would normally cost. But the more refined power an inverter generator produces allows it to work more efficiently and effectively with a wider range of appliances.

For example, appliances that have microprocessors can’t normally be used with certain forms of generator or not used very effectively. This won’t be the case with an inverter generator which can be used to charge/ power devices like tools, laptops, and microwaves.

More refined power is certainly a good thing and best of all it is also more fuel-efficient which means your generator will last a lot longer before it needs refuelling. They are also typically smaller more compact machines which means they are easier to move about.

They might cost more to buy initially but thanks to their more efficient performance you will likely save money in the long-run. So, that is a detailed look at what inverter generators actually are but where exactly can you get one?

Where To Find Inverter Generators

Inverter generators can be found in pretty much the same place as any other more regular conventional generator. Specialised generator retail websites, trade shops, and even RV and caravanning shops and websites can be a good place to find portable inverter generators.

Your options when it comes to actual shops you can visit will be limited, you might find somewhere relatively close by but you will likely have to travel some distance. Your options in shops will usually be more limited as well so buying from a specialist generator website is likely your best option.