Business in Chaos? Try These 5 Small Business Organization Tips

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Has your small business fallen into chaos? Don’t worry! Use these small business organization tips to restore sanity.

Small businesses have a 30% risk of failing within the first two years. There are many reasons why this could happen.

Without proper organization strategies in place, your small business can quickly spiral into chaos with lots of busy work but not much progress. 

 Read on for 5 small business organization tips that you can implement now. 

  1. Stop Wearing All the Hats

It can be hard for entrepreneurs to give up control of their brain baby. We get it. But it’s not the most effective or efficient way to do business.

Sure, it may have worked in your early days as you were a fledgling startup. But as you get more traction, more customers and more growth, it simply isn’t logical anymore.

One of the best ways you can learn how to organize a business is to stick to what you do best. Then get help for all the other stuff. For example, if you own a limo service company, let someone else order and install the private plate.

Maybe payroll and accounting take up a lot of your time each month. Chances are you didn’t start a business so you could spend hours on payroll.

Save yourself time and money by handing the reigns to someone who loves and excels at this.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but you’ll soon feel the impact it has on helping you be free to do what you do best. It’s worth it. 

  1. Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace

This is one of those organization strategies that seems so simple that people dismiss it. But research shows that a messy, cluttered space negatively impacts your productivity.

So even though you have a million things on your to-do list, set some time aside to get your surroundings tidy and organized. Then you’ll be able to perform at your peak.

Take this tip seriously and consider that the organization of your desk can have a profound impact on the entire organization.

First, start by making sure everything has a specific place. Folders and filing cabinets can work wonders in your space.A pile of papers on your desk can sit on a letter holder. Just make sure you schedule a time to go through these papers weekly (or daily).

At the end of the day, spend a couple of minutes tidying your desk so it’s ready for a new day tomorrow.

Go Paperless

Or, you can take this opportunity to go paperless! This is a great way to eliminate the clutter.

All you need to do is take digital scans of the most important papers and shred the rest. Plus, it’s easier to search a digital database using keywords than it is to sort through drawers and boxes of papers.

A great app that can help you quickly scan your papers is CamScanner. You can use your tablet or smartphone to scan that invoice or contract and move on. 

Organize your Passwords and Computer

A bunch of files, randomly named, on your computer desktop can contribute to the feeling of chaos and clutter.

Implement a filing system and a way to organize your folders. Then, get a handle on your passwords.

No, that doesn’t mean use the same password for all your sites and systems. Instead, invest in a secure password keeper like 1Password to manage your passwords.

This is safer than having your internet browser storing your passwords. And you won’t have to click forgot password and wait for the recovery link each time you need to log in. 

  1. Plan your Social Media Campaigns in Advance

Everyone knows how important a social media presence is for a small business. But instead of logging in to publish content every day, schedule them in advance.

This has two benefits. First, you’ll spend less time daily on uploading images and typing content. You can do your entire week’s posts in under an hour at the start of the week.

Secondly, planning your posts in advance forces you to get organized about your social media content. No more frenzied searches to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day meme on the day of.

Planning and scheduling your social content beforehand will help your business become more efficient and productive. Improved efficiency can help you simplify your business.

There are dozens of systems that you can use to schedule your posts ahead of time. Most of these even manage your metrics for you.

  1. Improve Your Scheduling System

Emailing calendar invites is so 2012. Those email requests clog your inbox and mean that you have to wait for someone to respond to schedule meetings and video chats.

That’s a big waste of time. Instead, use an appointment program like Calendly that lets others schedule a time that works for them. They’ll see your pre-set calendar for openings and choose one.

No more back and forth messages. 

  1. Zero in On Your Central Focus

A big part of small business organization is knowing what you are trying to accomplish, you know, the big picture.

If you’re just working “one day at a time”, you could be spinning your wheels and not getting any further.

Finding your central focus means you need to ponder and strategize. If you don’t have a vision, mission or business goals yet, now is the time.

Bottom Line on Small Business Organization

We hope these 5 tips for small business organization help you become more organized and focused.

Next, check out these 3 ways that you can help your business succeed.

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