Intelligent Automation – A new era in technology


Rahim Makhani, Negosentro |  We as humans make thousands of decisions in our life. And millions of views in a day. An intelligence that is significantly making the appropriate decisions. Imitating humans as artificial phenomenon makes intelligence called AI. Automation alone makes things done but following ordered instructions. Combination of automation with the intelligence makes it Intelligent automation. Which in effect, makes decision making automated with the researched and analysis informative data.

With the advent of technologies like the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence, it is quite possible to make the automation intelligent. And it is making the world go crazy with a warp speed of tasks done. And more importantly, the accuracy of tasks.

Let’s get a glimpse of Intelligent Automation – welcoming an era of new technology!

To understand the combination of artificial intelligence or intelligence with the Automation, first, you need to understand the scopes of intelligence. What can artificial intelligence make things work?

Simply Put, searching on facebook for someone we may know or near to our school backgrounds. Facebook thinks an appropriate result to be shown. Also, before you spell the whole it continues to suggest you the appropriate results. What does it mean? How does Facebook know to show you the posts happening nearby your location? Why does it showing the relevant ones?

How does the facebook know “people you may know” part? Ever arises these questions? These all answers in a single line that is artificial intelligence being installed in Facebook coding algorithms. Yet many are there. Using the AI human can have their power doubled.

Because..“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.”

With the advent of computers technology and internet connections, we can do everything that wasn’t possible without these artificial brains (computers/ programs). And in the 21st century, we are running to expand the intelligence by combining with the automation.

An intelligence that tells automation to do the things according to present data. The present data hence, will not be entered by the humans but acquired by the intelligence itself. Isn’t interesting? Also, should not forget to include natural language processing and complex text understanding as a booming advantage of artificial intelligence.

When Automation comes in our mind, we may think to have something to limited scope. Following the said instructions. And not making their own sense. Simply we don’t like it. Because a machine does not know to stop when disaster is about to happen. So to make it educated, it needs intelligence.

Here is the significance of such niches where automation gets intelligence.

Intelligence is streamlining the decision making functionality to enhance the tools and systems for extracting, analyzing the information, sorting things out or simplifying the complex human text data into intelligible translations. There is a massive need for relevant information in each of the industries and human life.

Economical & Healthcare systems

A massive amount of transactions are made in the world between the national and international banking and financial sectors. There can be many conversions at a time between the different currencies of each different country.

For an instance, India has the second largest population in the world. And their banks are having an enormous data to calculate and relate to providing clarification to each of the single citizens of their individuality. Manually or automatically the task can go for a toss or may not have the accuracy problem-solving capability. Because each of people would various queries and doubts.

Enabling the intelligent automated system with the computer software would have thousand times capacity to solve the matters. And it will show each of the possibility of having doubts in and providing the results as per.

Healthcare systems are quite automated with the use of biomedical engineering technologies. And they are pretty associated with the computer systems, too. But yet, needs a large staff to cover a multi-speciality hospital. Consider an organization evaluating the hospitals’ doctors and their treatment written in each of prescriptions.

Letting the manual staff doing such things will consume a massive time and money. That too, with no certainty of being honest and accurate. To enhance the facility, intelligent automation can understand the complex data of prescriptions and make them converted in a digestible manner. A massive benefit of manpower and time with the extraneous accuracy.

Detecting the crimes

In the current times, we have so many technologies running with the intelligent systems. Yet we do require detectives and crime branches. Can’t we find the flaw just with the intelligent camera systems? A system that detects the scene to be captured in camera calls for the automation. But what if a system can detect the crime itself? An understanding of recognizing the term “crime” makes automation intelligent.

Already the British countries have started adopting the smart technology that automates the task of detecting by installing the crimes intelligence in the system. The world can save enormous manpower and save time with the intelligent automation here.

Innovating the technologies

There are a lot more information and technology companies in the world growing their niche into innovation and upcoming technologies. The technocrats are finding a way to code automatedly. And a code needs to be automated intelligently of course. Because a code can’t be written with a repeated trick.

An intelligent automation can help the coders and scientist by aiding with the thinking. The power of thinking of IA is gonna amazingly rock. Think of an era, where the innovations are being done with the machines itself. That’s when the machine becomes ornamented with the intelligence.

Yet More to Come.

There are yet many advancements and technologies to come to the technical world. We can see intelligent mobile apps as the stepping stones of the upcoming evolutions. The all-new smart world is waiting and we’re gonna be witnessed soon with the AI, AR, VR, IoT, and IA – Intelligent Automation.

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