Instagram Blue Check Mark Is Now Open For All To Apply

This is How Brands Are Growing on Instagram and You Can Too | Instagram Blue Check Mark Is Now Open For All To Apply | Instagram has always been focused on the safety issues of the accounts of the users and have always looked for improving the user experience. It is not without any rhyme or the reason that it has more than 800 million users all over the world. It is their continual effort to keep this most popular and extensively used photo sharing app safer that has resulted in so many followers all over the world. Many people have also wanted to get instant popularity and look for the best place to buy instagram likes.

In keeping with their never-ending quest to improve the functionality and raise the level of performance of their visual app, Instagram has announced and introduced new tools and useful features in this platform every now and then.

Recently, they have made an announcement to make this photo-sharing app even safer and more reliable. This is in addition to all those tools and features rolled out by this platform along with the new security improvements.

It has made open for all to apply for the new blue checkbox for every Instagram account holder, a privilege enjoyed by the celebrities until now. Every user of its largest fan the following database can now directly ask Instagram for verification inside the app.

  • The good this about it is that no one now has to wait any longer and hope that one day Instagram will be kind enough to verify their user account and profile.
  • You do not even have to pay in black to get your Instagram account verified.
  • It means that basically everyone can now apply for this blue badge for verification on Instagram.

In short, Instagram has made things easier for the user to request for the blue check mark of authentication of user accounts and profile from within the app itself and by giving the power in the hands of the users themselves. Anyone from a celebrity to a public figure, from an individual to a business entity can apply now for this blue verification mark that will appear beside the user name to signify the authentication of the account.

A simple process

If you want to request for Instagram account verification and wonder how to get the blue check on Instagram you will find that the process cannot be any simpler. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your account first
  • Go to the settings
  • Click on the new tab called “Request verification”
  • Enter your account username
  • Your full name
  • Attach a copy of a government issued personal ID or a legal business ID as per the account type and
  • Hit submit.

The company however, guarantees that all this information furnished by you will not be shared with anyone privately or publicly. On completion of the application for account verification you will receive a formal notification by Instagram confirming or declining your application request.

However, Instagram will take time to review your request and once done the confirmation or decline notification will be provided in the notifications tab.

Other security improvements

As said earlier, Instagram has always been on the lookout to improve the safety aspect of the platform. Moving on with its security improvements aspects, there are other useful ones such as the ‘About This Account’ feature as well as the support for the third-party authenticator apps.

As far as the About This Account feature added to the profiles by Instagram, the huge number of Instagram followers will now be able to display different types of info such as:

  • When did they join this platform
  • The accounts with shared followers
  • The country where the specific account is located
  • Any changes made in the username in the year past and
  • Any ads that are being run on the account currently.

This feature was introduced last September and now user accounts that have a significantly large number of Instagram followers can easily review all of the information regarding their accounts that will be available publicly very soon. A few other facts that is worth knowing regarding the safety concern of Instagram for all its accounts are:

  • It is expected that very soon this About This Account tool of Instagram will be available for use for the entire global community as well, as per the blog post of Instagram.
  • As for the support for third-party authenticator apps rolled out by Instgaram one can use it to log into an Instagram account much more safely and securely as claimed by Instagram.

All this has eliminated the chances of any SIM hacking because like before the two-factor authentication is now no more required by Instagram. For a long time, this has been the primary concern of Instagram as it required two most sensitive and easy to hack information such as your access to the text messages and your phone number.

Importance of the blue check mark

It is known to every social media user of this world, how vulnerable it can be if any personal info is leaked through these channels. With the Instagram Blue Check Mark provided now, everyone will know whether an Instagram account is legitimate or not.

  • This means when you visit the page of your favorite celebrity and do not find this blue check mark by the side of the account name, you can rest assured that it is not legitimate and may be created by an impersonator or it is an account of a die-hard fan. The same applies to any famous brands, products, services, and any account on Instagram.
  • This small check will enable any brand or any user to increase the fan base easily and more effectively and this is a proven fact. It is much more effective than the influencers using other growth services such as Magic Social to increase their fan base and later on apply for an authentication badge.
  • This blue check mark also eliminates the possibilities of well-known accounts and figures being impersonated.

Therefore, this very small thing has become the most sought after element by Instagram users all over the world. With this mark on the accounts, it is assured that the Instagram community finds authentic brands and people they want to follow much more easily and confidently.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain how to get the blue check on Instagram with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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