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The user Experience(UX) design is not about graphical or visual interface, it is totally based on scientific knowledge & intersecting point where behavioral science, web development and domain determined knowledge can meet together.

Graphical user interface is not the focal point for UX designers but they always focus on user-friendliness and how the site is working for a user. UX design is more than graphics design so you can not neglect the importance of UX design. Almost all app development companiesare now understand the importance of UX design. Here are some points regarding the importance of UX design that must be followed when you design the site.

1. Graphics Design:

UX design is not all but more about graphics design. Eye-tempted graphics design of site attracts user more. Use of visual elements instead of simple text that carries a particular message or information. As per the Veopix, design is the first impression of 94% of users. Most of the visitors are leave the site because of worst look & feel experience. So, the significance of GUI in user experience is at the top.

2. Design according to site structure:


The architecture of information providing on your site must be genuine. Flaw of the information should be maintained. Bad flaw generally leads to bad user experience. Information architecture describes organization of information on a website. It’s looking like a sitemap of information. So, for better user experience, proper information architecture is necessity. You can group your site’s information, give a  relevant label to particular content, give proper navigation to your content.

3. Market investigation:

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Provide the customers what they want, what they like. Before going deeply with your design, research about client’s like and unlike. Understand clients’ requirements and go through the same. After every possible step, review the specific requirement and analyze that your design fulfils their requirements or not. If not, go through client’s reaction and experience & fix it.

4. Interactive Design:

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As I said earlier, interact with your client at regular interval. It is possible that needs are changed from user side after some period of time. So, you have to stay in touch with them for a better result. Create an interface layout. For ex: plan for multiple pages & completion of every page, explain particular page to the clients that you want to convey & work on the reaction of the client. Describe them what you are going to do in the next page. Lastly, maintain the consistency of hierarchy of pages & information.

5. Increase the accessibility:


Design the site that can be used by maximum users. Maximum usability & accessibility can increase design popularity and user experience. Make sure that your design must achieve desired goals set by customers. Also, ensure that user can use your system design easily.

6. Listen to the Leaders:

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Here are some interesting facts or consideration by IT industry legends,that describe why UX design is important for your site.

  • Loading speed: Loading speed is an important aspect of your site. Minimum loading speed especially for mobile sites increase conversion rates & decrease abandonments. SmashingMag says, a 1-second response from your side keeps your users more engaged with your site.
  • Easy searching: If your website has more content, it should be easy to search. GoGulf says, 87% of companies put search box on a homepage for better user experience.
  • Multiple testing: Your website must go through the multiple type of testing in every phase of the website. As per UltraLinx, 85% of UX problems can be solved by testing with 5 users.
  • Significant design: Google says, 57% of users won’t recommend business with worst designed sites.
  • Call-to-action: When users visit your website, they are specific about their action. So, giving maximum options at homepage can help users a lot. GoGlobe says, 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.

Listen to the leaders and get maximum benefits in terms of user-experience.

7. Learn from leaders:


Big names got enormous success by making superb UX design. Have a look on some examples.

  • American multinational; computer hardware company IBM gets the return of 1:1000 by performing usability testing.
  • American eCommerce company Amazon earns $300 million profit a year with improved UX.
  • McAFEE saves up to 90% by avoiding redesign.

Given points clearly say that, you can not go up-to-the-mark if your UX is poor. Give immense importance to UX design and get desired outcomes.

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