Insect pests in the kitchen and methods of control

ants pests | Cohabitation of humans and insects has been going on for a long time. As soon as the house was built and the residents settled, various insects, including pests, already lived in it. Fighting her presence was problematic.

Even if you consider your own housing a model of cleanliness, assuming that your apartment does not have insect pests, then their different species will visit you from time to time. 

We offer you to arm yourself with knowledge about with whom we can share the territory and what to do to prevent them from being. 

List of some creeping pests: 


The most successful “conquerors” are cockroaches. These insects are found at the sewer pipe, garbage chutes, in any gap and in technology. They can penetrate from dirty doorways and settle in the kitchen, carrying pathogenic micro flora on themselves, infecting it with food and kitchen furniture. Each of us at least once in his life met with a red cockroach. They love to settle in rooms with a source of moisture, the remnants of your meals in the corners, with secluded cracks or other places of shelters. But your kitchen will not be attractive to them, if you make repairs, you monitor the lack of moisture in the sink, there will be no food leftovers on the countertop, you will do daily wet cleaning and apply a good insecticidal agent.


The hardest thing to get rid of ants. Domesticated creature ants are highly organized. The difficulty of removing them lies in the fact that the ants build a nest in an unreachable place, often outside the apartment, and food stocks are created by working individuals, paving trails in your kitchen, crawling out of the most cloudy places. Often ants from one nest master several apartments at the same time. Therefore, until the uterus is destroyed, you will be their involuntary breadwinners. But by following their path, you can even cope with red ants.


The very name of wood lice suggests that they live in a moist humid place. They saw a wood louse near the sink – dial the number of the plumber: your sewer or water supply system is damaged and leaks somewhere. It is possible that wood lice come to you from neighbors. Poison them the same way as cockroaches.


Bugs that start in the storage of bulk products cause a lot of trouble. They are small and can be found not only in cereals and dried fruits, but also in the crevices of kitchen furniture. If your products were struck by such bugs, then you need to discard all affected products and wash the cabinets thoroughly.

Flying insects

The main flying insects in the kitchen are mosquitos and flies. 


The appearance of flies with the installation of new plastic windows equipped with nets became almost impossible. In other versions, flies are successfully handled by sticky ribbons, using the folk methods of rubbing frames with vinegar or air sprays.


Mosquitoes appear in our apartments in the warm season, although they do not constantly live in them. With the advent of metal-plastic windows with nets, hunting for them with a vacuum cleaner before bedtime is gone, but if there are small children in the house, then even one mosquito can disturb your life. Ultrasonic devices and well-known plates are most often used to repel mosquitoes.

The main methods of pest control:

  • Call the pest control service: This is the fastest, easiest and most effective solution. More often, it is the call to the Drake Pest Control services that is the cheapest way, given that professionals are able to solve the problem immediately and with optimal means that do not harm the person, processing the necessary area of your apartment and place in the entrance. After visiting people in respirators, it is enough to perform simple actions, which are reduced to airing the premises for 2 hours, after which you can enjoy the conquered territory.
  • Use Toxic Substances: The use of toxic substances in the form of aerosols, pencils, traps, powders and gels. It is necessary to remember the personal safety equipment when applying them, clean the products, and monitor the safety of children, pets and plants living on the living space. Always use a respirator when spraying!
  • Traditional solutions: For example, to combat cockroaches, it is possible to effectively use well-known boron balls prepared with the addition of yolk. Alternative methods are least dangerous for humans, although their effect is not as fast as the above options.
  • Development of the domestic defense industry:  ultrasonic repellers. Unwanted animals, as stated in the instructions for the device, in “orderly rows” leave your family nest, moving to your neighbors. They are relatively inexpensive, effective, and harmless to the rest of the inhabitants of the dwellings. But what is gone may come back.

The smoke:  Previously, our old ancestors smoked huts fighting pests. A great way to get rid of all types of insects, and with minimal contact with toxic fumes. A modern way of smoking, the use of an Aqua fumigator from all insects, even hidden in crevices. It is characterized by the presence of the active substance Cyphenothrin, enclosed in a metal container. Upon contact with water, Cyphenothrin forms steam, which, spreading, penetrates the most inaccessible places, killing pests.

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