Business Card Design and Printing: 6 Factors to Consider

business-card | Business Card Design and Printing: 6 Factors to Consider | While the trend these days is to go digital to prevent paper waste, there are aspects of doing business that still require paper. For instance, in this highly digitalized world, business folks still exchange business cards. Sure, it’s easy to punch in contact details on your smartphone, but it’s considered more professional to establish a connection by exchanging business cards.

According to, swapping business cards is not just a more formal way of connecting with others, it’s also a more powerful marketing tool than digital strategies such as email marketing, SEO, and paid media. Additionally, it creates a better impression of the brand. This is the reason that businesses should get their business cards only from reputed online printing firm.

Through business cards, people are introduced to the design elements that your business is known for. And most importantly, they get shared, and they indicate preparation for potentially advantageous situations.

Critical Components of a Business Card

To make sure that your business card functions as a medium for connection, it’s imperative that it has all vital components. According to printing companies in Dubai, they are:

  • The name of the company
  • The logo of the business — It should be at an appropriate size, with clear details that represent your brand really well. The slogan or description of the company best accompanies the logo of the business
  • Addresses — the location of your office, your email ID, and website
  • Your name and job title
  • Products and services
  • Image — This should be entirely in line with your industry, such as a house for real estate, or a plate of food for a restaurant, or even the mascot of your company

Vital Considerations in Designing a Business Card

Although the value of a business card lies in the contact information it contains, it is also crucial for this item to effectively serve other business goals. A business card should set a good impression. In addition to that, it should make your brand memorable.

So, what are the variables to consider when designing your business card? Five of these are discussed below.

1. The material

Business cards do not always have to come on paper. These days, for increased durability, more and more companies are opting for hard plastic, such as the ones used for ATM, credit, and ID cards.

Most businesses, however, still prefer paper because it’s more affordable. This is an advantage in situations wherein you want to give out business cards to a lot of people because not only is paper more economical, it’s lighter than plastic as well.

Perhaps, consider the sturdier and flashier plastic option for business-to-business distribution of calling cards.

2. Color

The color of the material is an important factor as well. It needs to be in the hues that your brand is known for. Think about the colors you use for the signage of your company. It’s always better to go for similar hues to create a sense of uniformity and for people to make quick associations.

You may also want to take into account the psychology of color. This is something to do if your company brand uses a mostly neutral palette. Study the colors that are ideal for the industry you are a part of. For instance, if your business involves food, you cannot go wrong with red, orange, yellow, and green. These four stimulate the appetite and are usually associated with food companies.

Or, if you want to play up the elegance or luxury of your services, opt for sophisticated colors such as black, grey, and white. Luxury companies highly prefer classic gold foil business card printing, Dubai printers reveal, but silver and copper are solid options as well, especially for the typeface.

3. Detail Layout

Think about the layout of information as well. You want to make sure that all the details are still highly visible and that there’s enough negative space to distinguish one information from another clearly. 

This can be a bit tricky to determine. Therefore, it helps to work with a premium business card printing service. They can provide you with different templates both in portrait and landscape perspectives, and offer suggestions on how to make your business card visually appealing, and easy to read, even by older people.

4. Typeface and Font Size

Just like with the layout, typeface ensures that the information presented on the card is readable. There are different kinds to choose from, and you need to ascertain that your choice of typeface is not only legible, but it goes with your business’s aesthetic standards.

Font size is another consideration. You can play with different sizes to emphasize the most important details. Different font sizes can also make it easier to squeeze everything into the card, given its small size.

5. Graphic/Image

It’s quite common to include a graphic or image on a business card. The image can create a longer-lasting impression, and it’s an eye-catching visual component

However, due to the small size of the card, it’s crucial to find an image that will not crowd the card too much, even if you intend to use both front and back parts. It’s essential that you do not compromise the real function of the business card with visual extras.

6. Unique Elements

Unusual elements or details can really make your business card stand out, especially in a cardholder. For example, one popular ice cream store’s business card is shaped like a popsicle. While a building contracting company has made its calling card into the shape of a small ruler. Meanwhile, a famous emcee has made his business card design into the shape of a speech bubble.

These strategic design integrations are worth considering if you want the unique personality of your business to come across correctly right away to the people you would be giving the cards to.

A Traditional Item That Will Never Go Out of Style

All in all, a business card will retain its value no matter how much more digital the world gets every day. So, make sure that you have great-looking business cards with you all the time because they’re an excellent way to put a comma in delightful conversations, and ensure a potentially beneficial business continuation in the future.

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