Innovative Business Apps You Should Implement

Image Credit: | Innovative Business Apps You Should Implement | Today, more than 3.5 billion people around the world own a smartphone. This significant increase in “post-PC” products is something that continues, as more and more people ditch the wires and constraints of traditional devices to find information, resources, products, and more while on-the-go.

There is a reason that modern mobile devices are called “smart” – all the applications they offer. Chances are you have heard someone say, “there’s an app for that,” a time or two. This is because virtually every business now has an app (or should).

While building an app may seem like a huge process that will require time, money, and effort (and some of that is true), there are tools available today, such as Zoho Creator, that make app building easy.

However, if you still are not convinced your business needs an app, keep reading. Here you can learn about some of the biggest reasons this is an investment you need to make.

Increased Visibility

The average person spends three hours and 15 minutes per day on their smartphone. While this seems like a lot of time, the same applications are used. However, to access these applications, the smartphone user must unlock their device, scroll through the menu, and find the right app.

Consider this – a person’s brain will unconsciously record each text and image that is gone through. Having an app present will not only increase your business’s visibility, but it will help your business grow. You can even set up an app that provides promotional ads while they are visiting, which will help to keep your customers engaged.

Grow Customer Loyalty

Another important reason to create a mobile app for your business is to help improve customer loyalty. With a mobile app, your business can communicate directly with your customers. Ads, promotions, and in-app purchases have a huge impact on your customers. These are much more impactful than email marketing, social media ads, or roadside banners.

This improved interaction with your brand helps to build loyalty.

Improved Brand Recognition

When it comes to the services and products you offer, you want to ensure your brand is the first thing a customer recalls. The right mobile app will help you create more brand awareness.

This is because the app will include all the useful features that your customers are looking for and that they will love. You can also include in-app promotions and offers that will keep your customers engaged. The more engaged the customer is, the more likely they are to purchase the service or product you offer.

Build a Direct Marketing Channel

Old and outdated marketing methods are long gone. You don’t need to have a salesman to deal with your customers, to print brochures, or to make them aware that your business exists. With a mobile app, you can do all this – and more.

Regardless of if you want to share information, your newsfeed, a booking form, or something else, a mobile app can do it all. With this in place, you can direct your customer to specific, predetermined information, which includes promotions. Also, thanks to push notifications, you can remind your customers about what you offer while making them aware of any other offers you have going on when needed.

Increased Profits

Customer satisfaction levels are tied directly to sales. With this in mind, when you see a surge in customer satisfaction, your sales will likely increase, too.

Today, most people get online through their mobile devices. By having a responsive website that will fit on any screen, no matter the size, you can reach all your customers, regardless of what device they choose to use. If you also launch the mobile app for your business, you are going to likely see a significant increase in profit and sales.

Do You Have a Mobile App?

If you do not have a mobile app for your business yet, now is the time to have it created or create it. An app offers all the benefits here and more. You will be able to reach more customers, which ensures that you get the desired results for your brand and business. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that your app helps you achieve your goals.

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