Bathroom Magic: How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Larger

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Image: | Bathroom Magic: How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Larger | Many of us dream of having a large, luxurious bathroom with a standalone bathtub and a separated shower, double sinks, and perhaps even a debauched chair just for loafing in soap. Compared to that, no one wants to have a cramped bathroom, right?

In case you don’t have that luxury of having a spacious bathroom, you can make some adjustments to your bathroom to make it appear bigger by applying these techniques to maximize space capacity. Therefore, here are some solutions on how to make any tiny bathroom appear larger— no room renovation necessary.

Go Vertical, Use Walls

If your bathroom has limited cubic feet, instead of attempting to make it appear bigger horizontally, the best solution is to recognize the height as the greatest element and to focus on that aspect instead.

Instead of using floor space, use your walls, such as installing floating shelves instead of cabinets. Try to look for aesthetic shelves like cube storage shelves or corner shelves to utilize the corners and empty wall spaces. Instead of floor toilets, you can consider wall-hanging toilets. Whatever the case, try to maximize the vertical space of your bathroom as much as possible. 

Color Match The Walls and Ceiling

When the bathroom roof is white, when the walls are dark brown, the white roof will render the low ceiling more evident and visible. An excellent suggestion for this dilemma is to sync the tile paint to the ceiling and walls as precisely as needed.

The more you will bring the colors, the more neat your bathroom will be, and the bigger it will appear. “The same strategy works if you paint the roof in the same shade as the ground,” Homepolish designer Jill Shadek notes. 

Frameless and Clear Shower is Key

Clear shower glass windows enable the room to feel bigger, although frosted glass splits the gap and makes it seem smaller. The same goes for a glass case. A frame will make the environment appear more sloppy than seamless and clear.

Clear shower glass will also look good when paired with industrial post steel wire shelving. It’s metallic appearance blends with the environment which in turn helps with your bathroom appearing much larger.

A Mirror is a Must

If you need to get one thing correct in a tiny bathroom style, it’s your choice for the mirror. You might assume that a chunky or small mirror would expand the wall room, and a giant mirror would overpower the tiny area, but the reverse is also true.

“Another of the easiest solutions to make the bathroom feel more spacious is to add a full-length mirror over the sink,” suggests the great Danish designer, Jacob Jensen. Putting the mirrors higher to the ceilings in rooms with low ceilings can build the impression of a bigger area.


Even a few adjustments to your tiny bathroom will create a big impact on how spacious it appears. When you’ve learned these ideas and techniques in the bathroom, implement them to your whole house! It’s all about being creative about space.

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