Be the Most Important Employee at Your Marketing Job

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Want to be the best employee? Top companies have something in common: they all desire to recruit and retain the best marketers. Marketing firms strive to hire marketers with excellent qualities. However, some companies aren’t sure the kind of salespersons that fit their marketing team. Understanding the traits of a good salesperson and recognizing them in an applicant can help streamline your hiring process. Often, recruiters are looking for a self-motivated and confident sales team. As such, you could give job applicants an assignment to see the candidates that go above and beyond the assigned task. Soft skills and characteristics that are less tangible relate more to the personality of a marketer than their competence. Many enterprises are struggling to find the right salespeople to ensure the success of their marketing efforts. Below are some of the traits you should look for in your future sales team.

Understand the Role of Technology

You might think technology is the answer to all marketing challenges plaguing your business. Technology enables marketers to automate their mundane tasks and improve their communication processes. As such, technology may not always be the answer to all marketing challenges plaguing you. A good marketer should understand the role of technology in a company’s marketing approach. Integrating CRM software with vital technologies can enhance your company’s overall communication and deepen your relationship with customers.

Understand the Dynamics of Direct Marketing

Many B2B marketers often believe they are responsible for enhancing the corporate brand and improving their communications. While all these roles are critical to the success of a firm, they are no longer the only duties of a salesperson. Proficient marketers understand that it takes more than a catchy subject line and pretty design to engage potential customers. Sales teams know listening to buyers is as important as speaking to them. Marketers with proficiency in direct marketing have experience in mapping SEO factors such as content to each of their audience segment. Moreover, such salespeople understand the value of using meaningful channels to engage prospects. Proper customer engagement often results in an enhanced corporate brand.

Prioritize the Company’s Interests

Most salespersons are coin-operated. They don’t want to put in their efforts on a volunteer basis. Every professional work for money, so no one should blame marketers for doing the same. Instead, a good marketer strives to understand the perspective of a company. Marketers who value the viewpoint of a sales team can be an invaluable asset. Note that your salespeople are the ones that spend much of the time in the field interacting with customers. Failing to listen to them is to disregard their perspectives and the voices of the customers. Marketers often use their experience to create strategies that sales can embrace and connect with potential customers. While it’s usually hard to find marketers who appreciate their role, a dedicated marketing team is indeed worth the search efforts.

Adopt a Process-Based Lead Management Approach

Creating the right business process is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. Your employee marketers need to think at an operational level to achieve this. You need a process-based approach to ensure the success of your lead management. Salespeople who view their role as merely filling the top positions are not as beneficial as the ones that focus on developing a process to manage their leads. The goal of every marketer is to improve lead quality and quantity. Improved leads increases the likelihood of generating more revenue. Moreover, a process-minded sales team often finds a way out in a competitive marketplace.

As B2B marketing continues to evolve, it will be crucial to hire the right employee or marketers. Hiring the right sales people ensures you align with your sales goals and engage buyers. Furthermore, marketers can help a firm increase its revenue. Organizations with marketers who understand B2B marketing equations are likely to be a step ahead of their competitors.

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