Strategies For Building Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

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The people who are most important to your business’s stability and potential growth factors are your customers. Customers supporting the business are valuable and will show loyalty if they feel appreciated.  

One way to connect better with your clients and maintain a book of loyal customers is if you build strong relationships with this group of individuals. It is important to not view customers as another number or sale and begin to view them as an important asset to your company. The benefits you’ll gain from doing so will be well worth your time and energy.

Proactively Collect Feedback

People love to hear themselves talk, so give your clients a platform for voicing their concerns, questions, and comments. Customers want their words to be validated more than anything and appreciate businesses that reach out and ask for their opinions. They don’t always want to be the ones trying to find and get in touch with you. Proactively collect feedback and value their viewpoints by making necessary changes based on their recommendations. Send out surveys, pick up the phone or distribute targeted emails asking your customers to share their ideas for improving your service and any concerns they have on their minds. You build stronger client relationships with your customers when you show you truly care about how they feel working with you.  

Offer A Seamless Client Experience

You want your customers to walk away happy after having dealt with your business. Accomplish this goal by offering a seamless client experience for everyone who walks through your doors or makes a transaction online. Depending on the line of business you are in, you can create interactive and accessible changes to suit the customer. For instance, if you own a medical company, you can invest in a management system to ease the process of dealing with patients. You may own a chiropractic practice, in which case you should make sure you’re meeting your client’s needs each time they interact with you. One option is to invest in Genesis Chiropractic Software, which helps you manage appointments and the billing process and reduce any chance of errors when working with your customers. Making this accessible can be achieved through shortcuts on your computer, meaning this software is only a click away. It’s a win-win situation for all parties, and you can sleep well at night knowing your business is being properly managed.

Engage with Your Audience Online

Customers are spending more and more time doing their research about a company they’re considering working with on their computers and smartphones. The point is to not only have an online presence but to consciously engage with your audience over the Internet. Come up with a marketing strategy that encompasses you participating in online advertising campaigns and exchanging ideas over social media. Have conversations with your target market and create posts that entice them to want to share the information you post on their networks. Don’t be afraid to run contests or collect user-generated content to get your audience feeling like part of a community when interacting with your brand.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is one area where you can truly stand apart from your competition and build stronger relationships with your clients. Be available to them around the clock and use multiple mediums to communicate and provide assistance such as through email, chat and on social media. Train your employees to always treat the customers with respect and not stop working with them until their situation is resolved to their pleasing. Get in the habit of encouraging your most loyal and satisfied customers to go online and leave positive reviews about their experience doing business with you. This is your opportunity to retain customers and go above and beyond for those who are helping your company to not only stay afloat but thrive in a competitive landscape.

Deliver on Your Promises

Continuously disappointing customers will eventually catch up with you, and you’ll soon find that your sales are decreasing. Avoid talking a big game and not being able to deliver on your promises. This will cause a lot of anger and frustration among your customers and backfire on you in the long run. While it’s important to innovate and impress your clients, you want to make sure that you can put your guarantees into action. You build stronger relationships with your customers when there’s a sense of trust and reliability that’s felt with each interaction or transaction. Get on the same page internally and then clearly state what it is you’re able to deliver to your customers and ensure you follow through in a timely manner.

Show Your Human Side

People don’t want to work with robots or a company that’s so big and strong they think they don’t have to relate to consumers. Build stronger relationships with your customers and grow your business when you show them your human side and that you understand where they’re coming from. Admit when you make mistakes, laugh with them and be silly when the situation calls for it and lend an open ear when they’re in the mood to share feedback with you. Acknowledge your client as an individual who has feelings and unique needs and then try to have your brand fulfill their wishes. Social media is a great platform to use for displaying your human side and becoming closer to your target market on a deeper level.  

Share Knowledge

Another wise strategy for how you can build stronger relationships with your customers is to share your knowledge with them. Let this be your way of giving back and thanking them for their business. Clients love to learn and receive free information from experts like yourself that they can then apply to their daily lives. Use your website, blog and in person conferences to help you achieve this goal. They’re handing you their money when they make a purchase from you, so the least you can do is be willing to provide them with advice and tips that spark their interest. Make sure the content you distribute is relevant, engaging and professional, so you keep people coming back wanting to hear more of what you have to say.

Be Positive in Your Interactions

Customers don’t want to work with companies or people who are negative and have a bad attitude. This is a sure way to turn them off and wreck your reputation among consumers. Always be positive and upbeat in your interactions with your customers, even when you’re dealing with an uncomfortable or tough situation. The way you handle difficult circumstances says a lot about you and your company and customers will appreciate you keeping your composure when dealing with them. It’s up to you to talk to and train your employees to treat clients with respect and not fly off the handle when they come across a frustrated customer with who has a lot to say. Being polite and courteous will help you to build stronger relationships with others and promote a culture and environment of respect.

Spend Time with Them

The more you know your customers on a personal level, the stronger your relationship is going to be with them. Naturally, as time passes your professional bond will grow deeper and be more rewarding. You can’t expect these types of connections to manifest overnight, so be patient and willing to put forth an extra effort with whoever you’re speaking to at the time. Put yourself out there by attending conferences and trade shows, throwing customer appreciate events and offering to have coffee with people one-on-one. Not only study their online habits but spend time with them individually in person and pick their brains and listen to their input. Work hard to get to know people by first name and a little bit about their life and background.   

Focus on Timely & Efficient Communication

One of the most important strategies for building stronger relationships with clients is to focus on when and how you’re communicating with them. Make sure you’re in constant contact with clients about what’s happening at your business, any upcoming changes and quick to loop them in on any sales or promotions that you’re rolling out. The key is to be timely and efficient in your delivery and choose the right communication medium for each message you have to deliver. For example, it’s not a wise idea to send out a bunch of emails right in a row and flood your customer’s inboxes on a regular basis. Gather your team and come up with a communication plan that allows you to distribute important announcements without being viewed by your customers as annoying or overbearing. Be picky about what you share with your audience and when you bring it to their attention, so you get your point across and at the same time showcase yourselves in the best light possible.  


Your business will thrive when you put your customers first and do all that’s in your power to ensure they’re satisfied. Focus on these strategies, and you’ll be setting yourselves up for a lot of future success when working with clients. Put their needs ahead of your own, and you’ll notice how your customer feedback and sales numbers start to improve. Begin making changes before it’s too late and you miss out on this wonderful opportunity to truly run a stable and growing company.