Important DONTs of dealing with bed bugs

20 Perfect Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Your Kids In 2021 | Important DONTs of dealing with bed bugs | What could be your worst nightmare, when after a long day you get in bed for peaceful sleep? Monsters under the bed? Forgot to turn off the light? Or finding bed bugs on your bed? If your bed is infested with bed bugs and you are worried about what to do about it, here is a quick checklist of something you definitely shouldn’t do. But firstly, you need to calm down and not panic. Bed bugs are scary,but the problem is easily resolvable.

What not to do?

  1. Don’t ignore them or take it lightly

Neglecting the bed bugs is the last thing you would want to do. Every moment is crucial and as with every passing day, it would only get worse. Bed bugs can multiply and can infest your apartment quickly.

  1. Don’t rely on mothballs or mosquito repellants

People often just fall back to mothballs or whatever domestic repellant they have at their disposal. But, they aren’t designed for the bugs and forget about eliminating, these wouldn’t make any impact on the bed bugs. The conventional repellants might be effective on other pests, but no on these ‘bad bugs’.

  1. Don’t move things around

The bed bugs are limited to your bed, for now, and you would not want to spread them around your house. So, don’t move your thing around, not until the problem is treated. Moving stuff or changing mattresses would only make things worse.

  1. Don’t try the DIY tricks with chemical pesticides

As it is usually advised, you should be careful with chemicals, especially the ones that are used for exterminating pests. Contrary to the domestic-use insecticides and mosquito repellant, industrial-grade chemicals can be fatal and dangerous to use. Without proper gear and professional experience, using these unregistered products can be harmful to you and your family.

  1. Don’t throw or give away infested mattresses to anyone

Simply throwing away the mattress or getting rid of your furniture isn’t the sensible thing to do. Until the infestation is too bad to be fixed. Thoughtlessly disposing of the mattresses would be an expensive choice and it still won’t solve your problem. You need to fight the root cause and exterminate them, rather than just getting rid of a small bunch of the bugs.

  1. Don’t store things under your bed

If you have had or have an ongoing bed bug problem, resort from storing things under or around your bed. This would just spread them further and make the infestation worse.

While we have been talking about all the things you shouldn’t do, let’s tell you something that would help get rid of them. Instead of trying out home-made remedies, get in touch with an expert. Professionals like Southborough bed bug control have specialized control strategies and experience of dealing with the bed bugs. Discuss the next steps with your consultant and also ask about preventive measures to avoid bed bug infestation in the future. Also, make sure to stay away from the bed for a few days (as specified by your exterminator), as exposure to the chemicals could be harmful. 

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