What Are The Advantages Of Having A House Near Water?

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Are you planning to purchase a new house? Are you confused about whether to take a residence near a waterbody or not? Are you aware of the perks of inhabiting besides water? Before placing up a request for purchasing the quality homes available for sale in Frankston, you should know about the get known about the benefits you can avail staying near water. There are good reasons why our ancestors lived near water. Though the known purpose was easy availability of water, the unknown ones are still not recognized by the laymen.

Let’s discuss the reasons why living near a waterbody is an advantage.

A taste of fresh air: The negatively charged ions spread into the air near the water bodies help you intake fresh air. Moreover, it also kills the toxins in the air, resulting in facilitating the body to absorb oxygen with ease.

A perfect sunshine: Dwelling by the waters, you get to witness a burst of sublime sunshine and sunset. It gives a great start to the day, as well as a calming effect during dusk. Apart from obtaining the scenic view, you get a perfect dose of Vitamin D by spending a few hours at the waterside, which saves you from developing diseases like osteoporosis.

The ‘Blue Mind’ effect: It is a proven fact that the waters succeed in shadowing the blue effect on our minds. We tend to have a personal and emotional relationship with water, and we feel more relaxed when near it. It is the reason why difficult situations make you seek fresh air.

A hub of activities: Imagine going fishing whenever you feel! Living by the waters help you to explore water sports whenever you want, thus allowing you to experience your favorite leisure activity anytime you want.

Value for property: A yet added benefit of purchasing property near a water body is that it renders more worth in the future. Thus you get a better return on investment.

A sound sleep: Waters relax your mind and body more than the stuff like a sound machine, white noise, or a water feature. The purified air keeps you away from distractions and stress, which ultimately leads you to get a sound sleep.

The improved white blood cell count: The phytoncides released by the trees near the water bodies help your body to produce white blood cells, as well as relax the brain cells. Prevention from various infections is what we endure from the increased white blood cells.

A calm atmosphere: Did you ever feel the calm that passing moments on the terrace gives? Water sounds have the same effect on us. The yelling waves and the sound of waters truly provide peace to us, and the calm provided by that natural sound can be a substitute of none.

The sound of waters or seeing it even makes your brain occupied by a hormone called dopamine that is responsible for feeling good and relaxes the brain cells.

An immune booster: The sunshine, stress-free atmosphere, increased white blood cell, vitamin intake, and the natural atmosphere that you experience by living near waters gives a boost to your immunity.

Adding healthy days to live: A boosted immunity and a relaxed you will help to add healthful days to your life. Also, as revealed by a study, leisure activities increase your age up to 4.5 years.



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