Ideas for Starting a Car-Related Business


Greg Hammond, NegosentroIdeas for Starting a Car-Related Business | It is estimated that by the year 2035 there will be about 2 billion vehicles on the world’s roads. This makes an industry-related business a safe investment that is bound to bring any entrepreneur in the branch a lot of customers. While some automotive-related businesses always remain profitable and unchanged, others evolved with the tech advancements impacting the entire vehicle industry. If you are interested in starting a business in the industry, you need to evaluate the market and your possibilities and choose the start-up for you accordingly. Here are a few ideas that could help.

Mobile car wash

If you don’t want to take risks with making capital investments, you can start a mobile car wash business. After all, this is an idea that never gets old, as cars will always need washing. The advantage of this business is that you don’t have to invest in renting or buying a business location. Also, there is a good chance that you will always have customers, since a lot of hasty people today prefer their cars washed on site instead of visiting a distant carwash.

Spare parts sale

This is one of the most profitable businesses related to automobiles, but it also requires investing a significant sum of money to start working. Still, there is a way to begin this business on a small-scale, without having to overspend. You can focus on a target niche. Do a market research and find out which are the most frequently driven car brands in your area. Or do the opposite; find out the lesser known brands that make finding parts more difficult, and be the only one offering them.

Transportation services

This is the most obvious car-related business you can start. You just need to decide what you are going to transport, where, and how. You can, for example, start a taxi service around your city. There is a growth in women-driving-women taxi services because of the increase in sex related crimes. You can also organize an airport shuttle transport (from airports to hotels and vice versa), or a cross country shuttle.

A tow truck service

Breakdowns and accidents happen much more frequently than people would like. Because of that reason and need for car recovery, starting a truck towing business can be a really profitable idea. The thing with this profession is, however, that you will need to invest in acquiring the equipment (tow truck), the necessary license and certification, and find several employees, so that you can cover 24/7 phone answering and truck driving.

Service station

As we said, cars tend to break down, which means they will need repairs. A service station can also include spare parts sale, oil changing and car washing. However, besides the location, you will also need to invest in training, unless you are already proficient and certified in mechanical and electrical jobs, as well as car body repairs like denting and painting.

Car rental services

Car rental is another car-related business that requires a significant investment, but if you plan everything properly, it can be worthwhile. Car rental companies function best in large, busy cities, especially in ones that are famous tourist hotspots or business centers. This highly thriving business is built on quality automobiles, great follow-up services (e.g. insurance), and a good reputation which is based on honest and respectful communication with clients.

A driving school

The number of new drivers each year is overwhelming. And who is going to teach all these teens when to push the gas and when to step on the break? Well, that can be you. However, before starting a driving school, you will need to obtain the required license and approval from the authorities in your country. Putting these legal obstacles aside, however, you will see that teaching people to drive can be fun, especially if driving is your hobby.

Vehicle reviews

Finally, a job of the future – blogging. People blog about everything from cosmetics to fashion, and if other people are reading their writing to decide which face mask to buy, someone will read your blog to find out how the car they are planning to buy is performing. You can start small scale and write about the vehicles you or your family has. When you become more popular, car dealerships will offer you to test their automobiles, and some might want to put advertisements on your website, too.

These were some of the most profitable car-related business you can take on. Remember, in this industry you always need to be ahead of your time and keep up with the trends. Good luck.

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