How to Better Organize Your Content Marketing Ideas

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Renee Draper, Negosentro |  Content marketing has transformed the conventional methodologies of digital marketing. Reaching out to potential consumers in cold emails is now replaced with innovative and informative articles and blogs. It has changed the concept of outbound internet marketing to an inbound one, where customers search for information, read the blogs, and land on relevant product or service page.

The productive approach of content marketing is compelling every marketer to initiate campaigns that intend to educate the end users. For such campaigns, they have to come up with creative content ideas to highlight core problems of users and document brief answers.

Content marketing requires consistently publishing and circulate such ideas to keep the audience entertained and engaged. So, the marketers need to find, preserve, and organize these ideas to keep the campaigns active and running. Following are some of the different ways, tools, and platforms that can help you better organize content marketing ideas.

Make notes in EverNote or ColorNote

Evernote is one of the remarkable tools in preserving your content ideas in different shapes. It allows you to take note of any idea either in the text, image, PDF, or audio format. Content marketers, who often get inspired by a text or image, can quickly write a note or take a picture with their smart devices and upload it to Evernote. The ability to save website links further facilitates users in organizing content for curation and inspiration.

An additional feature of Evernote that inspires me the most is its optical character recognition technology. It means the application is able to understand the text in the image you upload. With this, you can quickly search an image by its content, regardless whether you have saved it with its respective name or description.

Colornote is almost similar application for writing instant notes about your content creation ideas. You can keep track of your ideas on the go. Just swipe your mobile screen and read through all the ideas with a tap. The content in this application also syncs to their server to ensure ultimate availability of your notes. Additionally, you can create to-do lists as well.

The major benefit of these applications is that the content ideas are saved online. So, you can always recover your valuable ideas if the phone is damaged or lost.

Google Sheets or MS Excel

Applications like Evernote and Colornote seems to be more practical when you need to instantly document a content marketing idea, whereas MS Excel may prove one of the best companions when you are working on a laptop or personal computer. The blocks of rows and columns make it easier to create a series of ideas that can be managed with respect to projects, categories, or campaigns.

The ease of managing content in a table also assists professionals in creating content marketing calendar. MS Excel is an offline solution to managing content ideas, whereas you can step ahead by transposing the same file to Google sheet. It will empower you to modify ideas in a live sheet that can be shared with a colleague or the entire team. They can view, edit, and suggest improvement right on the sheet rather than communicating them in an instant messaging app.  

Maintaining a Google sheet for your content ideas is perfectly well. You can create different segments; write your thoughts, the available resources like website links as well. Dedicating an entire row to an idea will add fun to managing the content as composing an entire outline or thoughts in a series of blocks will make you remind and connect them all to form a creative piece of content.

Create Trello Boards

Trello is inspired by the Kanban methodology of dividing a project into micro-tasks, assigning it to team members, and relieving a team in segregating responsibility. It is one of the effective tools in improving productivity at work either you have to organize all the tasks on your own or need to manage a team.  

If you need to follow a complete content marketing plan for your blog or website, you can track the entire project effectively by creating boards for each content idea. Every board itself accommodates multiple lists that enable you to segment

Track content marketing ideas for your blog or website right on the board and update its progress. You can discuss and evaluate the progress in weekly or monthly meetings with your team to boost any task that is not progressing towards completion. It helps you easily identify and remove bottlenecks to smooth away the entire content creation.

Draft ideas on a CMS platform

Content marketing is about creating and circulating creative and readable content. And, it starts with a publishing platform. You must be familiar or probably using a CMS platform that allows you to draft, edit and review, publish, and update content. The most common examples include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and blogger.

Being a content marketer, you may need a series of ideas according to your writing or publishing schedule. Because doing research every time for a new and amazing idea is difficult. Most of the time, it happens that you do research for an idea, spends an hour or two, and come up with more than 10 ideas in a row. For the time being, you select one of them for content marketing & SEO activities and paste the rest of all in a rough folder. Do you think you can track them ever again? Do you spare some time to find and open that file, and review the collection of ideas. Surely, your answer will be a no. but, you can make them traceable by drafting them in one of your core CMS platform you use.

The publishing platforms are built with WordPress by default as it is the commonly known blogging tool. If you don’t want to populate your primary website with drafts, you can preserve your ideas in similar other content management systems like Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, medium, etc. this allows you to continue working on ideas, keep on adding text and examples, and proceed with publishing without logging into drives as the content saves automatically within a CMS platform.

Keep a writing pad beside your workstation

Despite the exponential growth of technology and usage of screen devices, most of the writers still prefer to write their creative ideas on notepads. They feel more comfortable with brainstorming ideas which they often fail to compose on a keyboard. For most of the journalists and marketers, writing by hands is more effective in staying mindful and generating tremendously great ideas.

Writing on a notepad sets you apart from the world of technology, that’s why whatever you create is your soul creativity. Typing in a word processing file gives you easy access to research which is beneficial, but it may compel you to compose within the content you scan from different websites. You may not be copying or duplicating the ideas, but a predefined structure set in your mind does not allow you to think out of the box.

In addition to keeping a notepad, you can have a whiteboard in your office or work environment that helps you to mind map ideas that can easily be used for marketing campaigns. A bulletin board is also an amazing tool to pin ideas with priorities. One of the core benefits of organizing ideas off the internet is that you come across the notebook or a whiteboard in routine. It works as a reminder so that you can finalize them according to your schedule.

Final thoughts

All the ideas go to waste if they are not documented in an organized way. You might have experienced the fact that while working on an idea may birth to several other ideas. But, the haste to complete the current task and not to look an extra mile makes you lose the entire series of brilliant ideas. With the help of about tools and methods, you can better document the content marketing ideas for future use.

Author Bio:

Asad Ali is a digital marketing strategist with an extensive experience of 7 years in eCommerce industry. He is currently working at GO-Gulf that is a prominent web development company where has worked on multiple SEO projects and executed successful digital marketing campaigns.You can reach him on LinkedIn.