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Susan Roberts, Negosentro.com Education is going through a global movement. It is no more confined to academic learning, but has taken a stride towards personal resilience, relationship strengthening and positivity. Overall, there is a massive attention towards student wellbeing and happiness. In fact, there have been researches and reports proving the affirmative effects of positive education in lowering anxiety, increasing the craving to learn more and enhancing self-esteem. Thanks to the International Baccalaureate schools and their programs, students are now getting a complete learning experience that adds to their growth as a human being.

What is the Need for Studying?

Academicians are now delving into the actual reason behind education. The question is; what is the purpose of being successful in life? Is it simply about earning well and living a comfortable life? The answer is no. A successful life is much more than that. It is about learning values and in being of value to oneself, as well as, others. The current approach in the best IB school in Pune is not to mold students such that they become the best in the class, school, city or country; it is about being the best for the aforementioned.

What do You Understand by Benefit Mindset?

In the new approach, which is also referred to as the benefit mindset by some education experts, students are taught to use their skills and knowledge for making a difference in the lives of other people. Such students will grow up to be the ideal human beings who work to make the world a better place.

It has been noticed that individual wellbeing is often the cause of collective wellbeing and happiness. In simple words, a person who is happy will try to make others happy too and generously contribute to the Gross National Happiness of his or her country.

How can Teachers be the Ultimate Guide to the Learning Process?

Teachers may ask the students to identify their gifts and abilities and try to find out how each one can help the other students to improve and be better people. Owing to the IB programs, the world will hopefully be a place for better opportunities and possibilities. When children start questioning why they do something and what good can it do to the society, it is time to realize that education is on the right path.

Students nurture their minds for being able to identify purposeful pathways out of the maze of life. It teaches students to face the challenges, both existing and non-existing, as yet. For instance, the readiness to face social problems that have not yet made their presence known; is a skill that children can learn through the benefit mindset.

The IB schools follow a completely unique teaching method, wherein the teachers make sure that the students get a holistic education, which is not restrained to the confines of books or personal development. The new education system is an evolutionary step to make the world a place for positive living and overall welfare.
Author Bio – Susan Roberts is an IB school counselor, with over 5 years of experience. She is associated with the best IB school in Pune and tries to instill the benefits of the programs through her articles.

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