How will Internet Of Things transform Customer Engagement


Rahim Makhani, Negosentro |  Internet of Things – seeming to introduced as something around connected technology & connected world. The name itself proving the identity, internet & things. One digital term which is followed by the physical entity “things”. And when things come, a customer would be the first entity to inquire. Because we all are somewhere customers and will be in future, too.

Considering the general sense of introduction to IoT, going to rule the world of physical entities intending to convert in a fully digital era. An era that lets you meet the world of automation, enhanced secured connections and thing that tells stories.

Coming to the customer experience, the most demanding thing we want. As a customer from the places where are shopping, being serviced or anything that is being paid. Because customer does not want “Mistakes”.

Combining the technologies with the customer experience making the arrival of the term, “Internet of Things”. Many IT companies are following the trend of IoT to make a trade. And this will impact the world in a positive adoption of technologies by the year 2020 as researched.

Here is how we see customer experience and internet of things?

Quick Resolutions to Customers’ Problems

Ever think to have multiple devices with the intelligence installed? Can provide more understanding of the situation and queries. The same can be implemented with an intensity to improve the customer experience. And that’s when the internet of things work. The interconnected devices help people improve the accuracy and providing seamless customer experience. We are approaching the cloud storage in these days. Why because we can’t store everything with the hard disks. But we need to make them stored with a massive storage called Cloud.

Cloud technology services have already proved the significance of its strength in terms of data collection and storage with remote access. IoT enabled smart devices and services are able to collect a diverse range of customers details and activities.

Through which the complete insights of a single customer can be taken care of. So the internet of things enabled devices are smart enough to gauge the customer’s requirements and mindset. So there will be always quick resolutions of customers queries and problems.

Obtaining Customer intuitions

It’s really tough to gauge someone’s understanding. And more when you are about to do of the largest crowd. That is the largest customer base. Back in the time, there was no such continuous interaction with the customers for a company or seller. Enterprises used to be dependent on the earlier reports and selling data.

With the advent of IoT enabled technology, it is possible to accurately note the customers feedback and enterprises can constantly be in contact with each of the customers. This can be the biggest advantage of holding customer base and hence the improved customer experience.

Excellent Customer Service

In the current scenario, we can say customer experience is not to the good extent. And we often get embarrassed, too. To avoid such customer experience, we need get aided with the technology.

And here internet of things play an epitome role. That is to keep your customers notified about each of the updates through the smart devices. To keep your customers informed before they woke up with queries is a good remark. Enterprises and business people can establish the customer service centers with IoT enabled technology and can enhance the customer service experience rather than making them embarrassed with the same script like today!

The support systems will get interlinked with the devices that automatically knows the customer’s problems in a proactive manner and get them resolved before getting it found. This can be the best customer service experience you can gift to your customers!

IoT will emerge as BRAND effect…And Your customers can’t leave it!

Consider sending pizza at your home before your Mom gets arrived. You can just tap your smart device to order a pizza. A guy gets Pizza for you at home. How would he be paid without your presence? Scanning the barcode. Yes, too simple. You must be thinking, how it can be worked without internet access? But its internet of things, my friend. Your home based internet connection will enable the app to make you notify about the payment access.

And you can turn your internet on a post by the request sent by pizza delivery boy. Your pizza will get delivered with your permission and kept safe. Here all the apps are connected and work as amazing customer service. Here the customer feels easy to get connected with the Pizza delivery synced with IoT. And will not prefer the restaurants not having such facility. A branding will be introduced to the service you provide automatically. The magic is the Internet of Things.

Personalized experience

As we know, Internet of things is all about data and insights and a thoughtful analysis. This technology is able to send personalized notifications with each of products, things you use. Consider your car. You may be having breakfast with your family along with a readiness to reach an office. But having a lazy mood.

Your smart device will notify you to make it fast. Because your car is lacking fuel. You need to get it filled. And not having enough time but less than the expected arrival time. So that quick notification to get breakfast quickly will save your time and day. Isn’t interesting? Thus your car and smart device are connected here and make you feel personalized.

Bottom Line

Thousands of IoT applications are there. Making every customer experience special. Striking out chaos. And we’re gonna experience in next coming years. Internet of things is amazing to have, smart to use and intelligent to include with or daily life routines.

Author bio: Mr. Rahim Makhani is the founder & CEO of the Auxano Global Services. Being a founder of the mobile app development company, he is keen for the company environment for the development of the projects and employees as well. He is super honest for delivering the quality product as in App & web development to the client’s worldwide. And he never compromises for the employee’s work & life balance as he takes care of his employees in a very true sense. And as an experienced person with this business since years, he gives justice to each of its projects and clients.

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