How Today Lifestyle Can Affect the Health of Million People

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Lifestyle generally refers to a way of life of a people or nation of a given geographical location. It mainly entails such things as their daily activities, hobbies, eating habits, behaviors, and functions. Although there are other factors like genetics and physical environmental factors that can cause ill-health, lifestyle plays a big role in influencing the overall health of millions of people. As a matter of fact, thousands of research have proved that many terminal illnesses like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and many others are mainly attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. In this article, we are going to have a look at lifestyle factors that can affect the health of a million people.

Sedentary lifestyles

This is a kind of lifestyle that is characterized by very little activity or a complete lack of activity. Unfortunately, the advancement in technology in some ways is contributing to physical inactivity by making life issues surrounding us excessively easy, said Asif Juzar, CEO at, Take for instance socializing, a few years ago if you wanted to chat with friends or date, you definitely had to physically pay them a visit or join a social club. This greatly improved our overall social and mental wellbeing and provided a sense of security that you have people shoulders to lean on and even talk to when troubled.

Today the social media and dating sites are taking the real act of socializing by storm and millions of people all over the world are becoming addicted to their smartphones. This has a great impact on physical and mental health. Actually, research conducted by medical students at Pittsburgh University shows that many youths who spend their quality time reading comments and focusing on likes are at a higher risk of becoming depressed and suffering from insomnia.

Another key area that is affecting millions of lives is the screen time which simply means the amount of time spent watching a screen such as video games, television, tablets, laptops to among others. If you look at video games for instance, when played continuously without control it can lead to serious addiction, which will come along with emotional agitation, restlessness, and isolation.

Easy fast foods

The foods we eat contributes greatly to our overall wellbeing. As the common adage goes, you are what you eat. Today, the population of people eating junk foods is on the rise and very few people pay attention to what they eat. In fact, there are so many food franchises that even offer to deliver your delicacies right at your doorstep so that you won’t spend time cooking quality food. As the name fast goes, most of these foods are cooked fast and little attention is paid to the nutritive value they bring to the body.

As a matter of fact, these foods are usually highly processed and are cooked by dip frying in high-temperature fats. In addition, these foods are easily metabolized and absorbed by the body to give energy. If you are not physically active, the excess calories will end up being converted to fats and stored in the body for later use when the sugar level drops. Unfortunately, these foods are usually yummy and very tempting for many people to eat in excess than what the body needs thereby leading to obesity. This kind of eating lifestyle is very common in the United States which is evidenced by the highest number of people with obesity. As a matter of facts, the research puts the US on the top and as a continent with the highest population of people with obesity and weight problem.

This actually makes obesity a major issue to the economy owing to the serious health risks that it bring to the population. In fact, obesity-associated with binge eating present risks to terminal illnesses like certain cancers (pancreases), stroke, blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. This makes it very expensive for the entire population in terms of money spent on the medical expense to manage these conditions.

Alcohol and drug abuse

According to the REHABSPOT, alcohol remains one of the commonly abused drugs by America’s population and the leading cause of addiction. This is mainly attributed to the ubiquitous societal acceptance of alcohol as a social drink. Additionally, it is easily available, unlike many other drugs that are mostly categorized as an illegal substance. As a result, alcoholism has actually become a serious global concern owing to the high population that ends up in alcohol-related diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, throat cancer, legal troubles, fatalities.

Besides alcohol, there are also other drugs that are increasingly abused by today’s’ population. These mainly include narcotics which is further categorized to stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens and lastly tobacco. These drugs when abused have serious implication to the body and may lead to changes in moods/feelings and diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease. Additionally, being in possession of this substance is certain jurisdiction may land you into legal trouble and long jail term which will mean complete lost life goals.

It is also worth to note that most of these drugs affect sexual health leading to broken marriages. As if that isn’t enough, the lifestyle of using drugs affects judgment which in the end puts the population at risks of radical decision. This is evidenced by a far great population that has publicly admitted to having engaged in very serious behavior like having unprotected sex with strangers that came along with incurable STIs and sterility.

The bottom life

As we have seen from the above discussion, there is basically three widespread lifestyles that greatly negatively affect global health. These mainly include a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and substance abuse. Well, the beauty about health is that to a greater extent is influenced by what we allow. To live a healthy population therefore, there is a need to increase information through training and government lobbying to enable that will come along with helping its population make well-informed lifestyle choices.

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