How to Tell If You Need Dental Implants?

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How to Tell If You Need Dental Implants? | Specific dental procedures work to enhance specific teeth concerns a patient has. For example, braces help transform your malocclusions, straighten your smile and enhance your smile by moving your teeth in the desired direction. James E. Butler, DMD, is a board-certified general dentist in Hilliard who understands that losing a tooth may signify that you need dental implants. Dental implants are one of the most popular teeth replacement solutions for patients. Although some patients do not think of missing teeth as a big concern that requires a timely solution, the loss of teeth can cause adverse effects like tissue degeneration. It may even affect the integrity of your other teeth, especially those surrounding the affected area.

What Are Other Common Reasons for Getting Dental Implants?

Even though dental implants help replace missing teeth, this is not the only way these titanium posts can influence your overall oral health.  Other reasons to get dental implants, include:


  • Your teeth are severely cracked


The first treatment option for a patient with cracked teeth is for your doctor to remove the teeth. Teeth removal results in a gap and using dental implants may be the first step towards filling that gap with something that blends naturally with your other teeth.


  • You have severe tooth decay


Just like a severe crack. Oral conditions such as tooth decay can only be eliminated after your dentist has extracted the affected teeth. This solution is best for preventing the spread of decay onto other parts of the mouth. Upon extraction, your doctor may consider dental implants to close the gap. As soon as you notice your teeth are decaying, visit the doctor for emergency care.


  • When your dentures do not have the right fit


One common concern patients pose after experiencing traditional dentures is that they may be uncomfortable at times. Another is it can be tricky to wear traditional dentures, especially when the fit is loose and they keep moving around. Some patients also complain of their dentures falling out when doing strenuous activity. Dental implants may be a solution to avoid the hassles of traditional dentures that do not fit well. Your doctor may recommend that you consider implant-supported dentures instead so that you reduce the slipping out or prevent your dentures from shifting around when you speak or eat.


  • You have noticed jaw loss


Every time you lose a tooth, the jaw bone where the tooth used to sit loses stimulation mostly because the tooth root is gone. An unhealthy jawbone means diminished oral health, mainly since this part of the mouth is home to many blood vessels and nerves that provide nutrition to the teeth and gums. Dental implants can help return stimulation to the jawbone preventing its gradual loss.

If you fall under any of the aforementioned conditions, it is time to restore your dental health by getting implants. Seek help from a well-known dental clinic with a fantastic and caring team to help solve all your needs. Make an appointment with your dentist at Innovative Dental Ideas to book a dental implant consultation appointment.

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