How to Start a Mom Blog on Instagram in 2022

How to Start a Mom Blog on Instagram in 2022

Negosentro | How to Start a Mom Blog on Instagram in 2022 | Instagram is a vibrant social media with over 2 billion monthly active users. Numerous influencers and micro-influencers are attracting audiences. Bloggers display on Instagram different aspects of their lives, including food, studying, beauty, entertainment, maternity, sports, and more. If you want to start a blog and decide to share moments of your life with your baby, this article is right for you. 

Parent blogging will never be outdated. There will always be like-minded mommies and women planning to have a child who will follow mom blogs for interesting and useful information. Let’s find out how to become an Instagram mom to make money and fulfill yourself on maternity leave. 

Why Starting a Mom Blog Is a Good Idea Now

Whether you have a child of any age or you are pregnant now and want to start a mom blog, do not hesitate and do it. If you feel like you want to share with people your motherhood experience or want to show new mothers how you learn to be a good mom, start blogging. Look at famous mom bloggers and see how different they are and each of them has an audience who likes them. 

Blogging can be your way out to rest from routine, communicate with other mothers, share your knowledge or find support and tips. Besides, it can be your work and means of making money. Generate passive income through Instagram blog monetization and content marketing setting prices for your stories and posts. 

How to Become a Successful Mom Blogger

Here are a few tips on how to attract more audience and be an engaging blogger to note before starting your mom blog. 

  • Make sure you feel comfortable filming your everyday life, some non-perfect moments, and talking to unknown people about what you do and how you live. 
  • Decide for yourself what mom blog niche you will take and choose a blog name. For example, you can talk about newborn care, activities, nutrition, fashion, family blogging, single parenting, lifestyle, self-improvement, and more. 
  • Do not try to be flawless, as it’s impossible in real life. Connect with your audience showing your imperfect, funny, and happy life. 
  • Check how women run their mom blogs and decide what content is interesting to watch and how you can stand out. 
  • So get started with your mom blog, create compelling content, grow your audience, and generate income from your hobby. 

Guide on Starting an Instagram Blog 

Follow these simple steps that will help you start mom blogging properly. 

Create an Account

The first thing to do is create your Instagram Account. You have to choose among Personal, Business, and Creator Account types. The best option is Business, as it provides analytics for your account. Then select your account category that should be Blogging. 

Setup Profile

The next step is setting up your Instagram Profile. Optimize your bio and page description, and choose a captivating image. It is crucial to use a good quality, recognizable Instagram profile image. It should display your blog topic. Do not use logos or stock images. Choose your picture so that people know who they follow and connect with. 

Add Bio

People will always read your bio when visiting your page, so make it short, catchy, and meaningful. Your followers and new page visitors will understand more about you. You can add some searchable hashtags in your bio to make your account more popular. 

Planning and Creating Your Content

Once your Instagram account is set up, it’s time to create engaging content. You can share your new content using your app or even post to Instagram with Chrome

Plan Content

You can find multiple blogging tools that facilitate your activity. One of these useful programs is calendars for scheduling your posts. Plan your content so that the audience expects new posts and considers you a professional blogger. When planning the content, think about your followers’ preferences. Make polls to find what they want to read about. Once you know what is the most active time on your page, schedule your posts, so they appear automatically on your account. 

Using Different Content Means 

Photos are the most popular content on Instagram. But you note that the images you post should be of high quality. It is better to have professional photos by a photographer to always have what to post. At the same time, live photos of your child made on your phone will make your page closer to ordinary people and resonate with their everyday life. 

Videos are another amazing content idea for your Instagram mom blog. You can utilize free video recording tools to create engaging screencasts that would better convey your ideas. 

Write Engaging Posts

In your Instagram stories, you can tell a lot about your child and maternity. But they disappear in 24 hours, and watching hundreds of highlights is not convenient for the audience. So writing a compelling post on a relevant topic is a win-win choice. It will be accessible to your followers and easy to perceive. Writing your post paragraph the text, use short sentences and mind grammar. Add hashtags to make your post popular or tag your friends and mom influencers.

Summing Up

Starting a mom blog on Instagram is easy if you like what you do and are honest with your audience. And these tips will help you be more confident and professional in running your blog. We hope that these creative ideas will make your blog unique, and you will get inspired to create and impress your followers. 

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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