How to Share files Online

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Text files are very easy to send online. Even a text file of more than 10,000 words can be easily attached to an email and sent online to anyone however you can count your words on However, it becomes frustrating when we try to send a large video file. I recently completed editing a marketing video and since the video is in HD quality the file size was quite large. Now, you can’t send such a large file via email. Generally, email providers allow you to attach files of less than 100MBs. Gmail, for example, allows a maximum file size of 25MB. However, videos of up to a few minutes can easily amount to a few gigabytes. Even instant messaging services that allow for image or video transfers will not support such a large file. In fact, some IM apps are known to compromise on the quality of media files. Of course, you can share large files with a coworker using a flash drive, but this won’t work if your partner is located in another city. So, how can you easily and easily send large files online without compromising their quality? Fortunately, there are some really smart solutions to this problem. Let’s check out how to send large files online easily.

Compress & Send

One of the best ways to send large files online is by using file compression software. There are many free file compression software available such as 7zip. Such software can offer loss-free file compression options with high compression ratio. The benefit of using compression software is that you can compress an entire folder and send it to your partner. All you need to do is install the file compression software, compress the file or folder, and attach it to the email. Now, this option will help you get the 25MB limit for Gmail or other email services. You’ll be able to compress and send files 40-50% larger than the file size limit, but there are other ways to make files even bigger.

Use Cloud storage services

Cloud storage services like Dropbox can solve this size issue for you. Not only can you upload and save your files to a cloud server, but there are many other features that are group sharing that help you increase productivity. Another very important feature is the security of your files. Reliable cloud service providers such as Dropbox encrypt the files you share with your colleagues, thus saving them from scammers. You can easily share large files of any data type with multiple colleagues at once. You do not need to upload files for each of them individually. Just create a simple link and send it via email, SMS or IM apps. Recipients will be able to easily view and download files, even if they do not have a Dropbox account. Another easy feature is access rights. You control what happens to the file you share. You can allow people to view, comment on, or download files. Don’t worry; they won’t be able to edit the files. The integrity of your files will be maintained. You can even protect your confidential files with a password so that recipients can access them with the correct password. Therefore, even if someone finds a link to your private document, they will not be able to view or download it without a password. Dropbox also lets you set the date for the link to expire. After this set period, no one will be able to access the file. Using the cloud storage service not only makes it a piece of cake to share large files, but also saves storage space on your devices.

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