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Negosentro | How to select the perfect wedding ring for her | So, you’re finally getting married? Congratulations! Buying your partner an engagement ring is a crazy & wonderful experience, but you have to keep the budget & styles in mind to ensure nothing goes wrong. After all, you will be wearing this for your entire life. So if you are planning to buy rings, don’t worry, we have a good set of rules & guidelines chalked out for you. This will help you find the right option for your significant other.

Pick the right metal first

If you visit a jewelry shop for a wedding ring, you’d notice different types of wedding rings with different kinds of metal bands. From gold, platinum, to silver & diamond, the choices are plenty. However, if you are looking for something ideal, consider a color like gold. There are three different types of gold: white gold rose gold & yellow gold. 

Yellow gold happens to be quite a popular choice amongst many couples since the material of the skin is hypoallergenic & doesn’t irritate the skin.

Yellow gold is often used in engagement & wedding rings. They are also considered to have the right vintage style settings too. Gold bands are a great choice for brides who want elegant rings, without the coat being associated with any precious metals like platinum.

Gold bands are also durable, so you don’t have to worry about chipping or cracking them over time.

Check for the personal style

Several couples try to keep their wedding rings glued on their fingers, so it does make sense to pick a ring that will blend with your lifestyle & fashion sense of your partner. If the person you’re marrying happens to hold a prestigious position, for eg: they own a business or are a CEO of an organization, you might consider something that is stylish & elegant. There are many wedding rings for women that are classy, elegant & sophisticated. Also, take a look at the specific style preferences when it comes to choosing a ring- gold, silver & shiny bands are also a good option. 

Decide the budget

Always shop keeping in mind that you will have to spend about 3 percent of the entire wedding budget exclusively on the rings. Depending on the kind of retailer, the gold or platinum band could cost somewhere between 1000 dollars. Embellishments such as engravings, diamonds will add to the cost quickly, so you will have to factor that in the budget if you want to personalize the rings. The engraving’s price is generally based on the fonts, the characters, or whether you’d like it engraved by machine or hand.

Check For the Right Size

Sizing is one of the major concerns you have to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing the right size. Many people don’t take their wedding bands off these days. They wear them in summers, winters, pregnancies while working out & it is quite possible that they will end up losing the ring due to weight gain, water retention, cold, or heat. That’s why, choose a wedding ring that matches best with all the weathers. For this, you will have to schedule a ring fitting session when you have the right body temperature. This also means that you must not ever finalize things first thing in the morning, right once you are done working out or when it is extremely cold or hot.

Always check for the quality of the ring

Checking the quality of the ring is something you should not miss out at any cost. Do check that the rings come with marks inside the band, & the quality of the mark. It could be somewhere between PLAT or 24k.

Choose the right style of wedding rings

Before you pick a wedding ring, it is imperative that you choose the right style. To help you understand the style, here are some categories explained for you.

Pipe Wedding Ring

This shape is achieved when you cut pieces out of pipes. They have straight edges & a flat top. They are also quite popular in men’s wedding rings & could sometimes be called a flat cut ring too.

Pave Ring

This is a popular wedding band that is considered ideal for couples looking for something traditional.  Although they look expensive, the prices are quite affordable. 

Prong Ring

This style is thin & comes with a series of diamonds. The emphasis in these rings are more on the stones & less on the metal.

Wide Bands

They are trendy, modern & quite different compared to traditional styles. The width for these should be a minimum of 7mm. If you want to choose these styles, do ensure you find something that matches the size of your fingers. A good ring sizer could also be used to make sure you pick the right size. Go to your retailer for further assistance.

How & where can you shop?

Shopping for a nice wedding ring can take quite some time, especially when there are two people who need a ring. The ideal way to do this is being familiar with various metals, designs & styles. 

Grab yourself a hot cup of chocolate, get yourself comfortable & cozy & then check wedding options online. After that, you can decide whether you want to buy from a store or go for something online.

Buying from a physical store is a good idea as this is a chance for you to build on your relationship with the jeweler & get good maintenance on the rings. You could also take the rings to him whenever you want & they will provide you with assistance as well. However, most jewelry retailers offer after-sales policies that equally match the level of physical stores.

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