How to Prepare for Your Move Out to California

How to Prepare for Your Move Out to California

How to Prepare for Your Move Out to California | Are you planning for your move to California? From the city’s beautiful beaches to Disneyland and the Pacific coast highway, it’s not surprising that this West Coast state is the most populous in the United States. Although relocating to a new state comes with its challenges, California has many ways of compensating you for the stress—one of which is the warm California weather and booming economy.

As with moving to anywhere new, you must dedicate time towards planning for your move. This article will help minimize the hassle that comes with relocation. Here are five ways to prepare for your move out to California.

  1. Prepare a Budget

Moving to a new state doesn’t come cheap. Hiring the service of a moving company will cost you money, so you’ll need to have a plan and budget on how much you can afford to spend when moving. If you want a DIY move, you need to consider the cost of renting a moving truck. Alternatively, you can make a list of family friends who can help you move some of your things.

Asides from the immediate cost of moving, you also have to consider future costs. Except if you already have an apartment sorted, you’ll need to consider the possible cost of finding one and fixing it up. You never know if the amenity or fixture in your new apartment will be in good condition. For instance, the bathroom or plumbing system might be faulty, and you’ll need emergency plumbing services. Getting a plumber or commercial plumbing service to fix your plumbing issue will cost you some money, so create room in your budget for situations like this.

  1. Find an Apartment

California is a big state, and it has a lot of cities you can live in depending on what you want. However, you must note that California is notorious for its high cost of living. If you’re looking for a city with nice weather, lots of activities, and crowds, then Los Angeles is a great place to live. Areas like Pasadena, Long Beach, Pomona, Burbank, Santa Monica, and Glendale are less expensive yet vibrant and diverse.

When choosing an apartment, you’ll have to decide between buying or renting, depending on your budget. You can opt for renting if you don’t have enough money to buy a home. Until then, you can make little touches to your rented apartment to shape it up as you would like.

House painting is one way to personalize your new home and fix the peeling paint areas. If you find this too cumbersome and need help, contact a painter for a paint job. Also, get the painter to use exterior paint on the shingles and siding of your home. Furthermore, don’t just hop on the first apartment you see. Make sure you look at two or more apartments for comparison purposes.

  1. Get to Know the State

It pays to understand California, its people, and the rules and regulations governing this city. It’ll be easier to settle down if you know the state. For instance, California is multi-lingual, and if you can speak Spanish, you’ll have an easier time socializing and expanding your potential friends’ cycle.

California is also a high-tax state, and there’s no way around it. As a high earner, be prepared to let go of a sizeable chunk of your income to the state government. The good news is that the property taxes are low, and this can help soften the income tax blow. Also, you should know that solar energy is a big deal in California. So if getting solar panels for your home is something you have always wanted, you’re in the right place.

Furthermore, suppose you’re a fan of craft beer; California is a thriving hub for it, with San Diego alone having over 150 breweries. This means you’ll never run out of your favorite American IPA (India Pale Ale) with its hop aroma, hop flavor, and fruity character.

  1. Be Realistic

People move to California for different reasons, but you should know that moving to California will not solve all your problems. People who have never been to California often think it’s this big, bubbly state with lots of sunshine and happy people. Although California has a booming economy and pleasant sceneries, you shouldn’t move here with the hopes that it’ll take all your problems away.

If you’re moving with hopes of getting a job, you should start looking for one before you arrive. Alternatively, have an emergency fund to help you cope with the high cost of living. Also, if you dream of living close to a beach, while that’s okay, it costs a lot of money. Alternatively, you can search for storage units near San Diego and keep most of your things there while staying in a shared apartment.

Keeping your items in a storage facility will help create space in your small apartment and keep it clutter-free. Some storage companies offer the first month free. So, try and look out for offers like this.

  1. Get a Driver’s License

To become an official resident in California, you’ll need to get a new means of driver’s license and state ID, and this has to be done within ten days of your arrival. Where you already have an existing driver’s license from your previous state, go online and complete an application before visiting a DMV office.

The DMV office will confirm your identity and residency and conduct a knowledge test to ensure you know the California road laws, so make sure you get conversant with these laws. Also, you’ll need to provide an official document that proves your new California address, and this could be a lease agreement, employment documentation, or a mortgage bill.

  1. Register to Vote

Now that you’re a California resident, you’ll need to update your voter registration to ensure you have an opinion in all elections. It’s a relatively straightforward process. First, fill out an online application form, then send it through email or take it to the DMV office in person.

Remember that to register, you must be 18 and above, or you’ll be 18 by the next elections, and you’ll need to prove your identity with a government document like a driver’s license or the last four digits of your social security number.

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