4 Ways Genshin Impact’s Liyue Harbor Reflects The Ideal Coastal Lifestyle

Genshin Impact’s Liyue Harbor
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4 Ways Genshin Impact’s Liyue Harbor Reflects The Ideal Coastal Lifestyle | Nowadays, Genshin Impact dominates the free-to-play RPG world. Known for its anime-style artwork, combat, characters, and gacha elements, the game continues to attract new fans and players worldwide. In fact, within six months of its release, Genshin Impact has grossed over a billion dollars. In other words, Genshin Impact’s overall influence will remain among hardcore and newbie gamers.

Besides the gameplay and the satisfaction of obtaining five-star characters and weapons, the game also offers beautiful regions that reflect real-life places you might have visited. For example, Liyue Harbor mirrors the ideal coastal metropolis through these four ways:

A Thriving Commercial Hub

As the heart of the nation of Liyue, Liyue Harbor serves as the center of commerce, travel, tourism, governance, and entertainment. Venturing deeper into the city, you’ll find prime establishments such as restaurants, snack shops, jewelry stores, tea houses, marketplaces, toy stores, a pharmacy, and a funeral parlor. You’ll also find a blacksmith’s shop and a “crafting” area, establishments that equate to factories and general merchandise stores in the present day.

Liyue Harbor is also where you’ll find the Jade Chamber, a floating palace that houses the nation’s prime entrepreneur and, in effect, mayor. In real life, you may compare the Jade Palace to the Manila City Hall, which is a few kilometers away from the coast of Tondo, Manila.

Vertical Residences Close To The Sea

While Liyue Harbor is a coastal metropolis, many of its establishments sit atop hills and parts of mountains. Their vertical position is perhaps due to the region’s mountainous terrain, which is why you’ll see many steep stairways and pathways leading to all sorts of buildings. Plus, residents of the harbor city will have a beautiful view of the ocean and the ships that cruise on its glass surface.

In real life, condominium units such as Urban Deca Homes are vertical residences close to the sea. Future residents will also have views of the Tondo harbor and the district’s urbanscape. And while Tondo is not as mountainous as Liyue Harbor, interested buyers may still enjoy the lofty life by choosing the upper units and appreciating the nearby institutions that offer all sorts of amenities and services.

Accessibility To Other Areas

In the game, using the Teleport Waypoints is the most efficient way to travel around the world of Teyvat. In a sense, the boats, carriages, and other forms of transportation shown in the game aren’t useable by the player. However, despite serving as aesthetics and simulations of real-life circumstances, these modes of transportation reflect Liyue Harbor’s economic and cosmopolitan way of life.

Imagine living in a progressive city that has efficient public transportation systems on both land and sea. For the people of Liyue, they’ll have no hassle traveling to neighboring towns and fulfill commerce errands. In real life, who wouldn’t want to be within arms’ reach to faraway places and explore new spots and opportunities.

A Place Of Culture And Faith

Part of the game’s main quest is to participate in the Rite of Descension. In essence, it is an annual event where the people of Liyue wait upon their god’s divine prediction on how to run the city. Another limited-time event was the Lantern Rite, a festival that honor the death and sacrifice of one of Liyue’s adepti (divine beings protecting the nation). 

These cultural events are similar to annual religious festivals celebrated by millions worldwide. For example, in the City of Manila, similar celebrations are the Chinese New Year in Binondo and the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church.

Overall, Liyue Harbor might be another fantasy world created to satisfy the imaginations and dreams of many gamers. Still, with these four aspects mirroring real-life cities, Liyue Harbor might not be so different from our homes and seaside destinations.

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