How to Please the Millennial Market

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Mary Rae Floresca |

Millennials can be make or break your brand, many consumers and marketers believe in the influence of the youth or rather, the millennials. How do we get into their hype of being one? Do we all have to think and act like them?-maybe not, marketers just have to create content for them and by them.

From Millennial Minute by content specialist Leah Swartz added that millennials matter most because they’re early adopters. “They set trends. They are 2.5 times more likely to be the first to adopt digital, mobile and social technology and the same is true for other categories. They set the trends for food, entertainment, travel and more.”

Millennials love flexible content, according to AdAge, Millennials are spending an average of 25 hours per week online– and they’re craving content-driven media. They spend their time in sharing precious moments even random ones, liking, posting, commenting and other engagement they like to do online. Facebook for example, is a tool to for brand’s or celebrities with real time updates, as well as Snapchat. Millennials love to be there at the moment while the event is happening. This is an example of an agile content.

Philippine’s first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website, is one example of creating aggressive content with honest reviews of fellow consumers towards a certain product. Aside from influential or famous people, the generation Y sometimes prefer to listen to strangers who share their interests on social networks. Millennials carry these “advisors” with them because they trust relevant, authentic opinions from real product users they can relate to.

Collaboration is the key to communicate further with millennials. One example was the recent product launch of Benefit’s new brow primer where they gathered influential bloggers all over the world to be the first to grab it. This generation loves to get the first dibs on new products for free and the brands will at the same time benefit from these influencers. It’s like ratio one influence is to twenty buyers of the product. Check out Filipina blogger Kryz Uy shared her experience to be the only Pinay in the event in Las Vegas: .

For the next few years, brands or many marketers will be creating more relationships with millennials for better engagement with them. Millennials do not just engage through digital media but also personal approach through events where they also contribute helpful aspects in the society. One example is run for a cause or environmental initiatives that shows millennials are not just vain but also plays a significant role in the society.

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