How to Handle Incompetent Workforce

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Mary Rae Floresca |

Every entrepreneur would need to hire employees to become successful on his start-up business, but what happens when the staff hired is not what is expected? There are simple tweaks to guide your staff and refrain your business go down the drain because of incompetence.

Procrastinators are probably one of the worst kind of employees. It’s as simple as they never get the work done, it’s actually being lazy. Like Filipino’s bad habit, the “bukas nalang” attitude.  Now how to deal these kind of workers? Set deadlines for them a day earlier or hours earlier. If you have a lot of time, check up on him if he is doing the task already and not just loitering around the office.

Even after you hired your manpower, ask them what are their plans in 5 or 10 years. See if they have a dream or certain goals. We should surround ourselves with people who have similar goals in mind. Seeing other people’s outlook will keep you going to reach your goals and them too. It would be nice to have team buildings or short seminars wherein they are tapped and asked to do activities that will ignite their mind of what they want to do in their life. You grow your business and your staff will grow with you.

It’s hard to keep your subordinates motivated at work, the trick is you should know how what perks them up. Keeping them happy gives them more reasons to stay in the company, thus, doing their task well. You don’t need to pamper them with free food everyday, they need a day-off? Go ahead, allow them, lunch break? Do not disturb them. Of course you have to weigh how much considerations you give to them. Be kind to them but be strict when you need to. You don’t have to always refer to the manual codes of the company, you just need to balance on how you interact with them.

Excuses should not be taken from granted. There would be times that employees get a bit lazy or encounter “accidents” that they excuse themselves to go to work. Every time your staff does, list it down, keep track of the excuses, eventually you will see a pattern. That is why some companies require medical certificates. A few companies trust their staff and they rely on their instinct if they are lying or telling the truth. Nonetheless, keep track of their absences, if it becomes frequent with unreasonable excuses, you might have to rethink his position.

Aside from being lazy, you can’t avoid employees who complains a lot. They are basically full of negativity and lack of adaptation for work ethics. Petty complaints reflect on their attitude towards their work, this is not a good sign. You might think this way, “Am I running the business right?”, the answer is “yes”, you just don’t have the correct support system under you to make your business more successful. You won’t have time to “baby” these kind of employees, you can at least make a bit of effort to confront them right away, and ask them how much they can still improve on their role. If they complain a lot, alright, don’t spend too much time with them but make sure they get their tasks done.

If all else fails, rethink on your management and leadership skills. It’s okay to fail at times, but you should know how to get back up. Your employees should not be the ones leading you. You may hire business consultants as well or experts in human resources management, they will help you out.

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