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Well, it is not that easy task to make your site accessible as it feels from hearing. It is because, in the same process, there are many essential and different things on which the users and individuals pay more attention to resolve this problem. Now, it is vital to understand what site accessibility is? Widely defined, website accessibility is a process of eliminating barriers that occur online those are confronted by users with incapacities with the objective of giving everyone with similar access to online functionality and information. 

Though the requirements of accessibility will remain to change, users can easily improve the accessibility of their website by the best and perfect practices that are discussed shortly in the post for web development, design, and management of content to improve the experience of the users on their website for the visitors.

Important factors to consider

Whether the users and individuals are developing a website or making the updates to a created site, the mentioned below are basic design concerns to help you make visual design and consumer interface design more accessible.

  • Color contrast ratio – Well, some people aren’t able to read the text properly when there is not a proper combination of background color with the text color, and there are also some other users present for them the bright colors are a kind of problem. As the best practice, the foreground text that the users create must have a sufficient contrast as a comparison from the colors that they added to the background.

The 5:1 is good for every normal text and 3:1 if appropriate for the large text. These are the good and proper standards to follow and also to interact with the minimal needs for WCGA 2.0 level AA. So, it is essential for the web designer to check all the color ratios with the help of some color contrast checker programs and then manage it accordingly.

  • Animations and sliders – The sliders are not an appropriate choice for the low engagement and also for conversions. For the accessibility of the web, its mainly prefers that users must avoid any rotating carousels and slides on the web pages. Some site visitors need more time to read and view a slide. Moving and rotating content will only create a problem or you can say frustration to the users and visitors. For any videos and animations that include critical information on the user’s site, ensure that an alternate format is present.  

So these are some important thing which one should keep in their mind to improve the accessibility of their website. For more ways and essential information regarding the same concept, one must take advantage of It is the best source that helps the users in improving the accessibility as well as the performance of their website

Final verdict

So, as mentioned above, these ways are the best and perfect way to make your site more accessible easily and properly. The more and more users pay attention to them, the quicker they get positive results from them.

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