How to look stylish during Covid-19

How to look stylish during Covid-19

Negosentro.comHow to look stylish during Covid-19 | At this point, Covid-19 has settled in among us and transformed all aspects of our lives. We’re increasingly spending time at home, as many of us work remotely and connect with colleagues through video conferences and phone calls. When not working, our social lives have transformed as well, as virtual game nights and Zoom happy hours replace what would have been a night out on the town with a big group of friends. 

When we do go out, the dynamic is different. Restrictions vary based on where in the world you’re located, but dining, playing sports and even grocery shopping function differently than they used to as social distancing precautions are taken.

One of the biggest results of this new shift in living habits is our fashion choices. Without the need to dress formally for long days at the office or to throw on your trendiest attire for a swanky party, we’ve increasingly found ourselves opting for casual and comfortable clothes as we spend our days lounging at home.

While we embrace the new routine of staying safe at home, we still want to look and feel our best. Here are some top tips to be stylish in the Covid-19 era:

Ramp up the activewear

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you want to stay in pyjamas all day. Feel comfortable while wearing actual clothes by opting for activewear- shirts and pants which could be worn for exercising but also for casual errands around town or chilling on the sofa. 

Wearing clothes that are fitted, formed from quality material and supportive will help you avoid the sloppy look that results from sporting big, baggy pyjamas all day. Opt for a matching set or vivid colors to brighten your mood and bring some cheer to your next virtual meeting. Plus, activewear can be worn inside and outside, so if you need to pop out for an errand you don’t need to change.

Comfortable shoes are in

Whether you’re sporting your activewear or opt for jeans and a shirt, pamper your toes by selecting comfortable sneakers or sandals. Sneakers are very ‘in’ right now, so you can choose from a range of veritable running shoes or more fashion-forward sports shoes. White sneakers match with everything and are very in vogue at the moment. 

Sandals are another great alternative, with slide-on versions being very on-trend. They’re versatile and can dress up a casual outfit or dress down more formal attire. You can kick your uncomfortable high heels to the curb for the remainder of Covid-19!

Cover that mouth

Face masks are an accessory which are here to stay for a while still to come, and the only thing better than staying safe and protecting others by wearing a face mask is to cover up with a cute face mask! Almost every fashion brand has added masks into their portfolios, so you can choose any color, pattern or fabric that suits you.

Play around with different colors to match and contrast with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a solid color, a patterned mask can give you that final pop of energy. Conversely, if you’re wearing a busy pattern on your dress or shirt, a more subdued, solid-color mask will keep the focus on your cute clothes.

Masks are also a new space to express yourself creatively, so if there’s a slogan, symbol or message you feel passionate about, get it printed on a face mask. You may even spark a (socially distanced) conversation with a stranger!


Covid-19 has required everyone around the world to adapt to a new era, and now you can face the future in a safe and stylish way.