How to Keep Your Shoes in Good Condition

Keep Your Shoes in Good Condition

Negosentro | How to Keep Your Shoes in Good Condition | Your shoes are a trusty daily companion in almost everything a person does, so it only makes sense that they can suffer from a little wear and tear. Whether you have some much-loved boots you struggle to put to the side in choice of another pair, or you have an enviable collection of trainers to rival celebrities, you can only wear these prized possessions if you are able to keep them in good enough condition.

If you want to learn how to take care of your shoes, then this is the piece for you. 

Read on to find out more.

Give Them a Nice Home

It can be tempting to kick your shoes off at the front door when you first come in from work and forget about them, but if your porch gets cold and damp, it could be wreaking havoc on your trusty kicks. 

Moisture is a big problem for many things in the home, and shoes are not invulnerable. In fact, excess moisture can encourage bacteria growth, which can then begin to break down the shoe and start to make them fragile.

Give your shoes the home they deserve, somewhere warm, dry, and dust free, to avoid this issue. If you do need to keep them somewhere that is prone to damp, then use newspaper or silica gel packets to keep control of the excess. 

Swap Them Out 

Plenty of people will know what it is like to have a favorite pair of shoes that you don’t want to take off, but giving your shoes a rest can help make them last longer, especially if you are prone to burning through the soles. Try and switch out pairs regularly so you can get relatively even use. This will help your shoes have time to rest and recover before you take them out again.

Give Them a Polish

Nothing brings a shoe back to life like a clean and polish. If you want to clean trainers or shoes with softer material, putting them in the washing machine on a low heat (with a load of washing) can help them come out looking good as new!

For dress shoes, a simple bit of polish can have them gleaming again, just like their former glory. Not only that, but it will help maintain their texture, giving them more longevity than if you left them alone. Choose a high-quality polish such as Saphir shoe polish to keep your shoes in great condition!

Keep Them Clean

Excessive dirt, mud, and other debris can disrupt the integrity of a shoe if left on for long enough, which is why keeping them clean is a must to keep them in good condition. Remove all mud and debris from the sole with water and a toothbrush. If you find there are some stubborn stains, then baking soda should be safe to use – however, check first, depending on what material you want to use it on!

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