How to get your dream job in 2019

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With the year slowly but surely drawing to a close, many people are starting to reflect on the goals they may or may not have accomplished, if they’re happy with where they are, and what they’d like to change in 2019. If finding a better dream job is high on that list for you, then you can do yourself a massive favor by starting to take action now. That way you can have all your ducks in a row come the recruitment rush in January and be all set to put your best foot forward. Here’s how!

Start updating your resume or CV

You know you’re busy day in and day out, but it’s one of those weird truths about life that the second you try and sit down to actually list everything you’ve done through the past year your mind goes magically blank. But if you’re still actually working and completing your duties on a daily basis now, it’s a lot easier to start adding things as they come up. Pay extra attention to any projects that required you to learn new skills, won you praise for a job well done, or really showcased your strengths and talents. If you can assign figures, stats or a monetary value to the company through your efforts, then now is the time to make notes. It will make your CV look much more professional when the time comes to start job hunting.

Work on a general cover letter

Once your resume is up to date, it can also save a huge amount of time to draw up a general cover letter highlighting your professional experience and skills. Once you start actually applying for jobs there’s a lot more pressure, so getting it right now when you have plenty of time to work on it can be a huge advantage.

Start investigating the kinds of companies you’d like to work for

You’ll obviously want to save this activity for outside of working hours but spending a few minutes whenever you get the chance researching potential employers can give you a great sense of clarity on where you’d like to get to. And while private employers probably won’t be looking for new staff just yet, professional agencies like engineering recruitment agencies and corporate staffing agencies are always on the lookout for promising new talent. If you let them know you’re going to be available early in the new year, they can move your CV to the top of the pile for their suitable clients and make sure you’re first through the door!  

Update your social media and scrub where necessary  

Once your CV or resume is all up to date, updating your professional networking sites like LinkedIn or Meetup literally becomes a copy/paste affair – but don’t stop there. Spend a bit of time filling in missing sections, asking for endorsements or recommendations and networking.

And when it comes to giving your less professional social media pages a scrub, don’t underestimate the amount of time it can take – especially if you have several years’ worth of party photos to go through!

Use social occasions to brush up on interview skills

While close friends and family aren’t exactly likely to ask you the kind of questions you’d encounter in a real interview, acquaintances you haven’t seen for a while actually might. The next time someone asks you about your job, use the opportunity to practice listing the aspects you enjoyed and why you were good at them!

Explore the job market

Check out the positions that are currently available and see which ones you could apply for. Now check out the positions you really like the sound of, but don’t yet tick all the required boxes for. What can you start doing now so you’ll be able to apply for those positions? Is committing to learning how to use some new software over the holidays going to stand you in better stead? Are there any short courses or online tutorials you could be completing to better your prospects? You just don’t know until you take the time to look – so don’t leave that exercise for the new year.


Lastly, take some time to mull over the things that are making you unhappy at your current job. Are you simply looking for more money, or is there a deeper issue that’s leaving you feeling unfulfilled? The last thing you want is to land another job and find out you’ve just made the same mistake all over again. But if you have it clear in your mind exactly what you want, finding the position that ticks all your boxes becomes much, much easier. Your dream job is out there, so get yourself ready for it!

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