6 Best Customer Relationship Management Tools for Small Businesses

Customer Relationship Management Tools

The businesses are becoming increasingly challenging and the small businesses find it extremely difficult to keep up with all their large competitors, especially when they have started. It becomes impossible to match the big competitors and provide your products for a similar price that they are offering. In this case, the best thing that you can do is give the customers a touch of your business through customer relationship management tools. When you are starting your business, you do not need to have a huge number of customers. However, it is important that you get a number of true fans who will need personal attention that a small business is capable of offering. This is what makes CRM or customer relationship management a significant aspect for the small businesses. When your team is small and your budget is limited, you will require a tool, which will effectively help in keeping track of the customer details as well as personalizing the interaction with the customers.

Given below is a list of the CRM apps that will work perfectly if you have a small business.

Agile CRM

If you have been searching for the one stop shop for the contact management, and you are not interested in breaking your bank, this is the perfect CRM for you. It is simple and has a number of unique features along with the customization options that allow you to build the kind of system that you prefer.

It does not matter which industry you belong to, the features will be a great assistance when you are running your business. These unique features include the appointment scheduling pages, drag and drop automation tool, flowchart, and much more. It is also capable of supporting a huge library of interesting plugins, API-powered integrations, widgets, etc.


All the businesses are aware of the fact that they might have to interact with their clients anywhere irrespective of the place they are in, through phone calls, meetings, emails, social media or even as LinkedIn conversations. Batchbook is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs as it helps in organizing the interactions in a specific place, thereby allowing you to manage them easily. This app helps in bringing all your contacts alive with the help of the beautiful profile pages, which include the tasks, deals, communication history, and the social media feed of your contacts.

There are unlimited options for the custom field, which provides you with enough power for customizing the profiles of your contacts. You also have the option of sharing the contact list across the entire organization so that your partners or employees can also add details and insights to all the contacts.

Capsule CRM

A good CRM is responsible for making your relationship stronger with your contacts, however, all the contacts are not the same and the relationships are also not equal. There are chances that in one particular CRM, you have the longtime customers, the sales lead, the suppliers, etc.

The relationship that you will have with all these types of contacts will be different, and the actions that you will have to take with them will also be different. Capsule CRM provides a CRM, which will account for all the differences that are there between the different contacts. With the help of the filtering options that this CRM has, you have the opportunity of making a list and filtering the various criteria on basis of the organization, job title, the last date contacted, or tags.

This flexibility helps you to organize the database in a proper manner, thereby making it easier for your team to access all the data that is required for doing the jobs with extra efficiency. You can also make use of the custom fields for creating unique lists for your business. You can visit RemoteDBA.com to understand the working and functionalities of the CRMs.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is well known among the businesspersons because of the sales and marketing tools that it provides. This CRM can be used in an easy and simple manner and provides a deep insight into each of your customers separately. It can leverage a database of around 10 to 20 million businesses for automatically populating the information about a particular person or a team that you are adding to the CRM.

The only thing that you have to do is type the email ID of your contact or the company domain, and HubSpot will do all the work for you. You can log all the things that you do with each of your contact along with the contact information. You also have the option of viewing the sales deals that are involved with a particular contact.


It is significant to build a solid relationship with each of your customers. Insightly provides detailed information about the relationship that you have with your customers. One of the most important features that this app has is relationship linking, which allows you to find out your data in a convenient manner, irrespective of where it is stored.

The granular pages of this app have been designed to give a view of 360 degrees. The detailed history tab is responsible for giving you an accessible record for all the action as well as email interactions.


One of the most frustrating things is to find the succeeding step of the customer relationships, especially when a business has to juggle hundreds of customers together. OnePageCRM helps in solving this problem in a unique manner with the help of the CRM that is designed around getting all your things done in a simple manner. It has an Action Stream, which has the list of the following steps that you have to take for all the deals as well as contacts that you are working with.

There is an inbox, which allows your team to keep a track of what everyone is working at. This application allows you to manage the tasks from your inbox and you also have the option of clicking on a particular task for diving into the details of the contact.


Once you discover the best CRM that suits your small business, it is time to use it. With the help of the perfect CRM, you will be able to manage your contacts in an easy and convenient manner.

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