How to Find Your Soulmate: The Law of Affinity

How To Find Romance in a Socially Distanced World | How to Find Your Soulmate: The Law of Affinity |The want to be loved and give love is in our nature. While everyone has the ability to show love to the world, the desire for a soul mate remains a common denominator. Soul mates are believed in by more than half the people on earth through some interpretation of it.

So, how does one find their soul mate? The task isn’t easy, and the steps aren’t precise either, but through the right mindset and practicing emotions of positivity, you can do it.

Today, we’ll be taking a look into how to find your soulmate and all the steps you need to practice to see it take effect. Let’s begin!

Loving Yourself First

To love others, you first need to start loving yourself. That means you need to start accepting yourself for who you are and embrace both your flaws and perfections side by side. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you won’t be able to entirely give your all to your lovers as well.

Loving yourself is where the love from within begins, and soon enough, you’ll grow to learn about how you can give others the love you harbor within.

Be Clear About What You Want

The trick to the law of affinity is being precise about what you want from your life. To attract what you desire, you need to paint a perfect picture of the universe to understand your demands. The idea of a soul mate is different for every human.

To attract your ideal soul mate, it is necessary that you’re clear about what you demand from your perfect significant other. You need to clearly and precisely write down what you want in your partner for the law of affinity to work effectively.

Self Improvement

For you to attract your ideal soul mate, you must improve the negativities within yourself as well. You need to improve your habits that will make you a better human overall to attract someone with your ideal moral and ethical values.

If you’re looking for a loyal, kind, and compassionate soul mate, you need to inculcate those attributes within yourself as well. What you put out in the world is what you attract, so naturally, good energy will attract good points.

Using the Law of Affinity

The law of affinity is our magic wand to making our wishes come true. For it to work, you need to truly channelize and focus your energy into feeling centered and attract whatever you demand from the universe. This applies to soul mates in a way that you will receive the person you imagine if you channelize your energy towards the idea of them.

Just visualize your ideal circumstances and attract the idea of your soul mate by reiterating that thoroughly. Chances are that you will manifest the idea of a perfect soul mate right into your life.

Leave Your Comfort Zone and Socialize

To find your soul mate, you must leave your everyday social circle and open yourself to new people. Socialize and network with people and avail social opportunities that you usually wouldn’t. Make yourself available to the possibility of new people.

Through a broader perspective and meeting new people, you can easily interact with souls similar to your ideal type. It’s just a matter of time after then for you to find you chosen one.


Finding your soul mate isn’t an overnight task, but with the right mindset and a positive attitude, you can easily find someone who’s the perfect fit for you. Just remember to be kind and keep an open mind. Manifestation only works when you’re positive about yourself and what you wish to attract.

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