How to Find Affordable Cross Country Moving Companies

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When looking for affordable cross country moving companies, websites such as this one here will be a great help to get almost all of the work done. Since circumstances vary for folks who are moving cross country, there are a few things that you must consider prior to using the search tools that are available in such websites. More than just the search tools, the best online resources that are dedicated for cross country moving also include tips on how to cut down costs, which can be as much of a factor in the cost of moving cross country apart from the fees that companies charge for the service.

The term “affordable” can also be subjective, depending on how you want to interpret it. A cross country move may be affordable because the type of service that comes with it is well worth the cost. On the other hand, it may also be affordable because the fees involved may be lower than the running average. In consideration of all these issues, the following tips show how you can cut the costs your cross country move further down and how to find the most affordable cross country moving company to suit your needs.

Your Stuff

Make a list of your stuff that you will take with you on your journey cross country. In this regard, it is a good idea to take stock of everything that you own that is not bolted down in the house that you are leaving. One of the hardest parts about moving is letting go of stuff that you don’t need. This goes for everyone in your family, including your kids.

Some stuff is hard to let go. However, if you are looking to cut costs and make the move proceed smoothly, you need to go lean and light. Write down the essential stuff that you already own that you need as you move into your new home across the country. If you own a lot of stuff, try to sell them and add the proceeds to your budget.


The website mentioned earlier is one of a very limited number of trustworthy websites that offer tips, advice and search tools to make cross country moving easier for you. Doing your research about moving companies and subsequent search via such websites would be a good place to start. Read up on the services, options and packages, keeping in mind all the stuff that you need to move cross country.

If you don’t have much furniture, electronics and other stuff, you may want to consider rental trucks and trailers. On the other hand, if you have many things to move such as furniture, piano and large electronics, look for full moving services that may include professional packing and storage-in-transit options for longer land drives. Narrow down your search to companies that offer the kind of services that your circumstances require and those that fit into your budget.

Reach Out to Them

Call each of the companies that came up in your search to get a quote. Ask important questions such as additional fees that may not be included in the quote. Will your stuff come in one truck or split into several shipments? Do they have any prior experience delivering to your destination? Treat the call like a job interview and go with the candidate that you makes you comfortable and confident.

When you search for affordable moving companies, cheap isn’t always the best option. You are better off transacting a full-service moving company that you can still afford, even if there are those that are cheaper. Remember to choose a moving company that has a valid license and carries the appropriate level of insurance.

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