How to Do Effective Facebook Video Marketing

How-to-Do-Effective-Facebook-Video-Marketing,video-marketing-tips,Facebook-business-tips, advertising-videos

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Creating a compelling content is not just through catchy words but also through videos. Here’s how to do effective Facebook marketing through appealing videos.

How-to-Do-Effective-Facebook-Video-Marketing, video-marketing-tips, Facebook-business-tips, advertising-videos

Did you know that 100 million hours of video gets watched per day on Facebook? Yup! Clearly there are reasons why you should not surpass the idea of Facebook Video Marketing. With this digital age, people no longer get glued on books and magazines, we are all glued to our phones and tablets. That’s why social media is the best way to market a product or service. To keep up with what’s popular right now, you should learn the how-to’s on video marketing.

1. Youtube or not?

It’s good to have a Youtube channel, however, it’s best to build your audience there and different from Facebook. Facebook prefers videos directly uploaded onto its platform-advised from a web company who specializes on content marketing process, CoSchedule. Try to gauge on what kind of videos are more effective by uploading it on Facebook and on Youtube.

2. Video Length

Based on the blog CoSchedule blog, the maximum length for video on Facebook is 45 minutes. However, according to Facebook Business, the content of the video is far important than the how long the video is. The story should be concise, easy to be understood by the audience and something that piques the interest of the organic reach of your page.

3. Strategize on kinds of Videos

Trial and error, like any businesses, you have to try different ways on what makes the audience tick. Be creative on your videos, research on what your competitors does and be better. Be inspired with products you look up to, observe why Globe Telecom or Mcdonald’s gain as much as more than a thousand hits on their ads.


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