How to Design an Attractive Brand Label

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“You are eating with your eyes!” our moms often say these words when we get foods from the table and don’t really eat it. But when it comes to consumers, this culinary proverb is true. The packaging of a product influences out opinion on what it tastes like.

The more appealing the label, the more likely that people will buy it. So here are some expert’s tips on how to design an appealing brand label:

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Tell a story.

What do you want your label to say? You aren’t always there to sell the product so the brand label should tell the story for you. The brand label should do the “sales talk”.

What type of product is it? How does it differ from the others? What does it tastes like? What is it made of? The more compelling the story is the better the sales. You need to come up with a story before starting to design the brand.

Styling- Match your consumer’s expectations but stand out from your competitors.

Colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, illustrations, and even the shape and size of the container all form the part of the brand appeal to the consumers.

Here comes the paradox with a great brand label: you may try to package a chocolate bar in green, yellow, or red with flowers that it will look like a bar of laundry soap which could end up in the detergent shelves rather than in the candy shelf.  And that’s disaster.

Consumers have a constant expectation of what a chocolate bar looks like: packaged in brown plastic or box containers. So how do you stand out? You can make a cartoon icon of your product change the shape of your container while adhering to what your consumer expect a chocolate to look like.

Pick a focal point.

It could be the product’s name, its main benefits, how it’s used, what’s in store, the company name, or a photo. When you have determined the story you want to tell, these elements will stand out among the rest. Utilize the size, color, texture, shape, and the emotional triggers to create this.

Printing and materials.

Often space on the packaging is limited so pick the best words and use it in the brand label efficiently. Also, be wise in picking your containers. Does it have to be a box, a bottle, or a sachet?

Make sure that it would protect your product and it will reach the shelves and the consumers in its best shape as possible.

Your brand label should be more than a pretty picture. Everything that you put in the design should support the story about your product. That’s the purpose of the brand label, no more, no less.