Email Virus Alert! It trashes all your emails then sends an email in your name


by Kyla Camille | |

A new email virus is circulating. It’s a mischievous one.

The email will come to you without a subject heading. It will probably come from a colleague or someone you have dealt with via email in the past.

The virus goes into your settings and sends all incoming e-mails to your trash folder. The good news is, they should still be in your trash folder. Check there for e-mails.

The email looks like this:

Should you have received it and opened it, here’s the quick fix to retrieve your e-mails:

(1) First, change your e-mail password immediately.

(2) Then, go to your Settings (the gear icon in the top right if you’re on gmail) and go to ‘Settings; under it.

(3) Find ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ and click on it.

(4) You should see a filter applied that says to send all incoming e-mails to trash – delete it.

(5) Check all of your e-mails there and move them back to your Inbox.

Hope this helps!
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