How to Design a Garage

garage remodel How to Design a Garage | How to Design a Garage | This time we will talk about garages. In many occasions they are places where we only keep the car and if it is closed in addition to the car we will keep many junk. Order, cleanliness, light and color are the four basic rules for a good garage.

The garage should not look at it only as a hole that only serves to keep the car covered. A garage can offer you much more. A first step to use it with total comfort is to design a thermally and acoustically insulated garage, as well as to improve the floor with a non-slip and well-leveled floor.

Take advantage of the space. We must always squeeze every meter of our home, and why not the garage? If we have little room we can install shelves on the sides of our garage. In this way we will have a lot of storage space in a space that used to be only air. Ideally, place plastic boxes on the shelves to organize everything. Better if they are transparent to quickly locate what is inside. With this system, what does not fit all in your room or dressing room? No problem: the one that is not of the current season is stored in the garage.

If we have enough space in the garage we can unleash our hobbies and set up your own DIY workshop or if you are in love with motor vehicles a small workshop. If you would like to learn to play an instrument, why don’t you put a battery in your garage?

How to design a garage?

If we are looking to create a modern garage we must think of dynamic colors, some that go well with the general decoration of the house. Ideally, use the same tone that you used in the structure of the house for the structure of the garage, in this way you maintain consistency. For example, if you have large windows in your home, try to keep the design in the garage so that it seems part of a whole.

The most important thing to design a modern garage is to keep in focus “the more orderly the better”.

It is important to assess the garage door: the type of mechanism used to open and close the modern garage door should be adequate and simple, without setbacks. Especially when it is cold and it rains to open the garage door from inside the car is a small pleasure of life. Therefore, if we have sliding doors, it is important to choose good quality sliding door motors so that we are sure that they will not leave us hanging at any time.

If the garage is also to be used as a workshop, we can place old restored tools to give a unique touch to this space. Another good option is to place a vinyl mural for the garage to gain color and depth. Need other decoration tips? You can go to and get the tips there.

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