A Guide To Choosing Industrial Gates For Your Business Establishment


Negosentro.com | Every business establishment needs a set of gates, yet there are many design variations, which can make the selection process seem a little daunting, and with that in mind, here are a few tips of selecting the most suitable set of gates for your business premises.

  • Think Long-Term – Quality is an essential requirement for any set of commercial gates, and by choosing a well-known supplier, you will have the added security of a very long product warranty. The supplier would take a look at the kind of activities that occur on a day to day basis, and would make design recommendations based on their findings.
  • Motorised Is Best – When looking at industrial electric security gates, don’t worry about sizes, as there are no off-the-shelf solutions with industrial gating, rather the gates are made to fit the opening. If you would like an expert advice of one of the UK’s leading commercial gate suppliers, a Google search will help you locate such a provider.
  • Don’t Forget Maintenance – In order for the gates to work at optimum levels, they must be serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lubrication is always a concern, plus the gates should have adequate protective coating to keep out the weather. Stainless steel is an excellent choice, as this strong metal looks good and will not corrode. Wrought iron is another popular choice, and you can have timber inserts for added appeal. The maintenance schedule for commercial electric gating would be compiled by the supplier, and you would always be informed of any issues.
  • Controlled Access – You really do need to be able to control who has access to your plant, and there are several hi-tech solutions, with a swipe-card entry system that allows employees to use a side gate, or you could go biometric, with fingerprinting that eliminates the need for cards. Intercoms can be installed that allow your security guards to communicate with visitors without having to open the gates, and generally speaking, the supplier would carry out a thorough survey to find out your specific requirements. Vehicles can have special badges to allow for automatic access, which really does help the security team at shift change times.
  • Bespoke Solutions – Every commercial space is unique, and in order to design the best gating, the supplier would need to carry out an on-site survey, while also obtaining a lot of information from you regarding your specific needs. If there are options, you will be made aware, and this allows you to make an informed decision on the security set-up that best meets your needs.

When looking to replace your commercial gating, this is a big investment and it demands bespoke solutions from an experienced supplier. If you would like to explore the potential that the latest generation of motorised commercial gating offers, an online search will help to locate a suitable company. They can help you to design the perfect solution that keeps your facility secure and blends in well the surroundings.

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