How to Create a Realistic Product Rendering That Increases Sales

What Goes Into a Good Logo? best computer Picture Perfect Help For Your Business Realistic Product Rendering InDesign logo design web design brand building Negosentro | How to Create a Realistic Product Rendering That Increases Sales | Online selling has become a key part of many businesses these days. With the help of technological advancements like the 3D-image Rendering services and solutions, it is getting very popular among brands selling their products online like some theorema watch companies, where the buyer gets to interact with the product very closely. All this makes online shopping very convenient for buyers and sellers.

So in order to get more sales and business, the product designing phase becomes really important. Product designs have to be authentic and of top standards. Product rendering gives the opportunity of idea conception and brainstorming before final outlay of the product idea. Production happens only when business owners are sure the product is right.

The cost of photography is also high and time-consuming. Rendering was the work of engineers and rendering specialists, but with technology, it is possible to learn and create high-quality product images from renders.

Rendering is art, and not everybody can create product designs from simple pictures. Sometimes rendering artists are recruited into the company, but it is not a necessity. Find out how you can learn to create quality product render that can double your sales.

Choose a Good 3 D Rendering Software or Model

Choosing an appropriate rendering model is the first factor you must consider. Software is intricate and choosing software that you are comfortable using is vital. You also must choose software that has features able to meet your design requirements. Some of the top rendering softwares are :

  • Cinema 4D
  • Lumion 3D
  • Octane Render
  • Corona
  • Viz Render

Choosing a rendering software, however, depends on financial ability. While it is essential to select a pocket-friendly model, remember to consider the long term benefits of the software. Also, the software’s with a free trial period is the best options, because they provide you an opportunity of testing before purchasing. There will always be the option of consulting with professionals. At No Triangle Studio, you’ll find endless ways of getting the best results possible. Never be afraid of wanting more and doing your best. 

Gather Sufficient Reference Materials

Even if you are excellent with sketching and drawing, having a collection of reference materials for your project is essential. You can download the images from other sources or use previous collections in your store.

While referencing materials could be the images you use to create your models, they are also useful in providing an outlook or footprint for the direction and final appearance of your design.

Multiple referencing materials provide you with options from which to build your renders, and other artists work can also serve as a guide and inspiration to your models.

Use Linear Workflow

Sometimes your images may appear with abnormal color shades, likely you will rush to adjust light settings, but, mostly light is not the problem. It is a poor balance between render and light components. The solution lies in maintaining a linear workflow format in your set up, or applying gamma correction if the design were in the final stage.

Smooth the Edges of Your Design

The goal of rendering is to obtain digital images with a touch of realism. Typically, all objects around us, have a curvy look at the end of their surfaces, to get a real look to your design you must smooth the edges to make your design appear real. You do not want to create any doubts or mistrust with your customers.

Before launching your image, take your time, and review all aspects of texture, color, and appearance. If possible assign someone else to analyze the render.

Seek Realism in Your Render

While common desire alludes to balance in almost all aspects of life, It is unachievable most of the times. And, it is no different in designs; real objects possess certain imperfections. Thus, your render should not appear to lack any flaw.

Imperfection is the reality. Possible toning of texture, color adjustments or slight tweaks in your design is an ingenious way of achieving realism in your design. It should not be conspicuous at first look, but after keenness in the analysis.

Use Colours Wisely

Use colors properly to create appealing designs, also do not forget that some colors make models appear unreal. Avoid monotone colors like black and white.

Final Thoughts

The presentation of your product is really important, when you look at a good design, say a show banner for example, you are inclined towards finding out more about it. it is the starting point to get your attention. Same way, product rendering is an opportunity for marketers to test the saleability of products before actual production starts. Customers get the chance to interact with product ideas and provide feedback for input into the final product designs.

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