How SEO and SEM Work Together

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A website gets its traffic in two major ways from search engines. Most of the visitors a website drive is from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and so on. Besides, there are other ways to generate traffic to your websites including social media.

However, search engines are considered the primary source of traffic for any webpage. From search engines, we can drive traffic in two different ways. One of them is free and the other is paid. In order to get free traffic to your websites, you have to work hard and it is a long-term process of driving traffic to your website. There are some SEO agencies out there to work for you like SEO Agency on the Sunshine Coast.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry and want traffic fast, you have to pay to the search engines for running ads campaigns.

You can drive free or organic traffic to your website by doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for paid traffic, you have to go for SEM (Search Engine Management). Though they are different in their terms but work jointly.

If you can combine them together in driving targeted traffic to your website, there is no alternative to utilize them together. As you know that certain keyword(s) drives traffic and both of them use keyword(s) to generate traffic to your website.

One of your target keywords may not generate your expected traffic per month by doing SEO. In this case, you can drive traffic in the fastest way by making an ad with Google AdWords. It is both beneficial for your website’s ranking to the search engines and driving traffic to your sites.

SEM can help SEO

Say, you are struggling with a difficult keyword to rank for a long time by doing SEO. Still, you do not get as much traffic as you are expecting. In this case, it may also take several months or maybe a year. Now you are almost sure that this keyword will not suitable for SEO.

If it is so, you can go for PPC ad with Google to drive traffic to your websites. When your site will drive traffic for your desired keyword, it will help your site to rank in the search engines. These are the combined benefit of your website. And thus SEM and SEO work together.

Collect information from SEM

When you run ads like CPC or PPC with Google Adwords, along with your target keyword, you will see other related or LSI keywords to rank in the search engines. From your Google webmaster tool, you can see the exact keywords along with your main keyword. You can also see which keywords are getting more clicks than others.

You can pick those keywords and also can make better SEO strategies to have better results from the search in the long run. Moreover, you can write a well-researched, engaging content around your keywords that get more clicks and publish. It will skyrocket your SEO results in the search engines and help your websites to rank higher.

SEO (organic) traffic is evergreen

You can drive traffic to your website by making PPC ads for the fast result but they may not be your long-time customers. On the other hand, organic traffic is evergreen and your asset. If you can offer value continuously, they will be your long-term customers and willing to purchase your products or services as long as you offer. So, both have important and if you can combine them and work them in a great strategy, you will end up driving huge traffic to your website(s).

Unique and fresh content helps your website keeps updated to your readers as well as search engines. So, to generate more traffic and make them stay longer, regular content strategy is also needed. If you publish regular in-depth, topically-rich content in your website, both search engines and traffic love your content to read on.

Final Thought

If you can optimize good keyword(s) for both SEM and SEO, your website will drive huge traffic and they will also work together. They are not independent. Instead, they are complementary to each other to perform better for your websites’ traffic driving method. I do hope and believe that this short article helps you understand the topic stated at the very beginning of the article.

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