How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

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Negosentro.comHow to Create a High Converting Landing Page | Create landing pages may be the reason people choose to buy from you or navigate to a different website. This page should have a clear goal of driving conversions, whether that’s encouraging visitors to sign up for your email list or to buy your new course. Point this page out to an audience, and you should feel confident that it will do its job.

To Create Landing Pages What YouNeed:

An Attractive Design that Matches your Brand

Many of your visitors will get their first impressions of your brand once they land on your landing page. Make sure to keep your colors and design in line with your brand and at the same time make it attractive to your audience while create landing pages. You’ll also want to optimize its design and layout for mobile users, as mobile internet usage continues to increase.

Use Elements Similar to What You Would Use in An Organized Blog Post, Such as:

  • An eye-catching headline
  • A subtitle that explains the headlines in more detail
  • A focal image, even if it’s your headshot
  • Contrasting colors (especially with call-to-action links and buttons – you want them to stand out!)
  • Clean, simple fonts that are easy to read across multiple displays
  • Headers, tables, and bullets to break up text on long-form landing pages, such as a sales page

Also, implement user-friendly navigation by guiding your visitors where you want them to go. You can do this by creating a story across your copy or by adding menu links at the top of the page that tell you what to do.


People will visit your site because they saw something – an ad or headline, perhaps – that prompted them to do so. That means you can probably satisfy a need they have. You’ve already locked in people who are interested in what you have to say, so now is the time to convert.

Let’s imagine that you are a guru of home organization. Your audience needs help organizing their kitchens, bathrooms, and game rooms. You bang … into your frustrations by telling the story of how your home’s clutter sparked a desire for change and simplicity, inspiring you to embark on a journey of minimalism.

Then, you move on to the trusted methodology for tidying up spaces and point visitors to purchase your home organizing course with 1-on-1 personalized training. The fact that you’ve been in their shoes and they’ve made lemonade from lemons is the perfect selling point.

Testimonials and Elements of Trust

Your landing page probably won’t convert if your audience doesn’t trust what you say. Some people may have had interactions with your business already, but you should always approach a landing page as if they haven’t.

To create landing pages,the elements of trust are necessary to prove that you are the real deal. Testimonials can be compelling, especially if they are from other high-profile people in your industry. Statistics highlighting the number of existing customers using an app or taking advantage of a service can also be compelling.

Security is a big consideration for many consumers, so be sure to highlight applicable information that demonstrates that your website is secure or that your business will not share or sell customers’ personal information, such as their email address, when register. You’ll also want to add multiple ways to get in touch with you on your page, whether it’s via email, live chat, or an online contact form, so visitors know there’s a real person behind the business.

Lastly, consider giving your audience incentives to buy from you. A free trial or a money back guarantee after so many days can go a long way in convincing buyers that their money is safe with you.

A simple and Clear Call to Action

Your Call-to-Action (CTA) needs to be visible from the moment your visitors land on your page, so they know what action to take. If your landing page makes people have to scroll endlessly to find out what the point of it is, they probably lose most of them quickly.

Place the CTA button before the page fold and at least a few more times along the length of a long form landing page copy.

Landing pages can promote a sale, get more people on your email list, and give you knew leads for your business. When configured correctly, your landing pages continue to passively convert for you.

Don’t forget another fundamental piece of your website: share buttons! It’s free to install our social media share buttons that give your audience a way to share your content (again, passively!) And increase your traffic and potential leads.

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