How to Choose an SEO Company?

How to Choose an SEO Company? Here are Some Tips | How to Choose an SEO Company? | Choosing the right SEO agency that will be in charge of referencing your site is an integral key element of your visibility, and therefore of your activity.

What should be the process?

Before you embark on a diligent search for an SEO company, you must become aware of the different facets that this profession covers, and visit Find out beforehand about the different techniques for optimizing a website from the gurus in the field. Also, take a look at the Google guidelines. These provide a wealth of information regarding the best practices to apply on a website.

So, to evaluate your requirements, analyze the objectives, and realize the issues, you must seek some answers. Is it being created? Do you anticipate an imminent overhaul? What budget do you have? Request quotes on the Internet to find out the prices of the various professionals in the sector and compare the offers. By having done serious research at the beginning, you will be able to understand better what is behind the services offered by the agencies with which you will have contacted.

Check the reputation of a team of SEOs

The online notoriety of any structure is a good indicator of its expertise, especially in the field of natural referencing. You can do this research for each of the companies that you have put in the competition. To test its online reputation, you can see if it:

  •  Has a corporate blog where it shares field experience,
  • Participate in or sponsor events,
  • Is active and followed on social networks,
  •  Positive reviews and good client base,
  • Understand the market and design SEO strategies accordingly.

Test customer references

Genuine SEO agencies will surely give you their past references. Do not hesitate to contact some of the entrepreneurs mentioned for direct feedback on the quality of services, support, and customer relations. Always keep a certain distance from all the testimonies. Checking the financial health of your future web agency is a much bigger step than it seems. To carry out this check, go to the legal notices of the site.

With an interview with the agency

You must ask for a face-to-face interview. You can arrange a meeting in their offices or yours. You can just as easily save time and opt for exchange by phone or even Skype. Therefore, listen carefully:

  • Does he find out about your sector of activity and your structure?
  • Is he listening to your expectations?
  • Is he able to carry out a rapid analysis of your site and identify areas for improvement?
  • Does it present you with references in your industry? 
  • What tools does it offer you to assess the results of its services?

The next step is to investigate and form an opinion on the agencies. Evaluate the reputation of your future partner. They are SEO professionals. Also, they must be positioned on keywords related to their activity. In the jungle of SEO agencies, you will face various offers. But remember, SEO is not one day job. Don’t fall for “IMMEDIATE PROMISES”. 

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