How to Boost Your Company’s Security When You Are Away From the Office

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Negosentro.comAs a busy business owner, you probably spend as much time away from the office as you do with your staff. From client trips to trade shows, your suitcase is almost always packed and ready to go.

As the head of the company, you want your building and your employees to be safe and secure whether you are in town or 2,000 miles away at a conference. Here are a few tips to boost your company’s security before, during and after your next business trip.

Update Your Security Policy

If it has been some time since you’ve reviewed your company’s security policy, now is the perfect time to take care of this important task. The U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests you start by assessing your current security system and policy to check for possible weak points. Be sure there is a current emergency preparedness plan in case of fire, natural disaster or a power failure, and establish a clear chain of command of who handles security problems when you are away. There are a number of ways to increase your company’s security and boost your security plan, they include:

  • installing key-card access systems at doors where customers do not enter
  • keeping master keys to the building locked in a secure office
  • re-arranging your office or retail space to keep a better eye on customers and vendors so that anyone acting suspiciously can be spotted and asked to leave

Install a Remote-Accessible Security System

In addition to improving your company’s security policies and procedures before your next trip, it is also a good idea to be able to keep tabs on the building and your employees while you are gone. One effective way to do this is to purchase a high-tech security camera system that can be accessed from your smartphone. Set up the security cameras inside and outside of your building so that points of entry and common areas are capturing footage. Depending on the security camera system you buy, you can have the cameras running 24/7 or only recording when triggered by a motion event. Knowing that there are cameras monitoring your location will also give you and your employees invaluable peace of mind.

Look Into Improved Password Protection

Once you are back at the office, go over the new policy and security cameras with your team, and make sure that your current plan and equipment are working as you had hoped. You might learn of additional tweaks you can make to your company’s security policy; for example, a manager may point out that encrypting your database would be a wise move. If you have Office software on your computers, Microsoft Office offers easy-to-follow tips on how to help prevent unauthorized use of your Access database through encryption and better passwords. If you use a different system, find information on how to improve your password protection and/or you can consult with a local IT professional.

Be Proactive About Security

Attending all of those out-of-town client meetings, conferences, seminars and trade shows is important, but so is your business’ security back home. By assessing the situation in your company and making any needed changes prior to your trip, monitoring security while you are away and then making additional changes once you are back, you can go out of town knowing that your company and your employees are as safe and secure as possible.

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