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5 Programs to Improve Your Business Efficiency

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Negosentro.com | We all want to have more time in the day, or at least I do. It would be awesome to have the whole 24 hours of the day available to be productive and move our business forward, but there are plenty of other things that take our time away. Eating, showering, picking the kids up from school, attending social events, having fun; there’s just not enough time. But what if we told you that you could be doing all of these things while your business is running on auto-pilot, or close to it? Yes, it’s possible and in this article we will be detailing the five programs that your business needs in order to improve its efficiency, like timesheet software.

  1. Google Drive: This cloud-based document-sharing program is a gold mine if you have not used it in the past. You’re able to keep all of your documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, videos, drawings, and other items all in the cloud. You get 15 gigabytes for free when you create an account and can share your folders with people working for you, or those who are helping you. Everything is saved in real-time, which means you don’t have to worry about your computer freezing or shutting down.
  2. ClickUp: I just recently found out about this program and let me tell you it has changed my life. You’re able to create goals for your team, delegate tasks, upload documents and connect directly to google drive and other third party apps. It’s like your office became digital. You’re also able to input events into the calendar and invite as many people to help you as possible. There’s a pipeline option to handle certain tasks, and it will just save you a lot of time and headaches.
  3. Facebook Ads Manager: This is what we meant when we said “auto-pilot”. This is literally an auto-pilot advertising platform where you can select exactly who you want to target. The minimum amount to spend is $5 per day, but we are sure if you cut down on the Starbucks, you’d be able to afford it. If you’ve got a larger budget you can scale faster and test different campaigns. You can be anywhere doing whatever you want and the advertisements will be shown to people. The best way to do this is to either take a course or hire someone that is savvy with the platform because it does take some time to get used to it.
  4. Hootsuite: Another tool that will automate your life. We believe every business must be connected on social media and then must connect the social media to Hootesuite. Hootesuite allows you to pre-schedule posts for 3 social accounts if you have the paid version, and unlimited if you’re able to pay the fees. You can post for months in advance and select which channels the posts will go to, and at what time. It’s best to create content for the type of audience that visits each website, for example, you wouldn’t want to post what you post on Twitter, on YouTube.
  5. Canva: Finally, Canva will save you hundreds of hours of creating content, whether it’s a flyer, business cards, presentations, social media posts, and even animated creations. You can use their templates and simply craft the message in your own voice, add your own photos, and downloaded directly to your computer. Best of all, it’s free. If you have a team charging you an arm and a leg for custom work, it may be time to hire your nephew and pay him a fraction of the cost to design for you with Canva. It’s that easy.
  6. PosterMyWall: PosterMyWall is a fantastic resource for design templates. They’re easily customizable and will save you a ton of time. From promotional posters to banners and flyers, there’s lots of great designs on there and you can easily create them in minutes. It’s also free to use too. We love the video templates on there too, which is a really cool and unique feature we’ve not seen before.

These not only save you time, but keep you organized so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. So what are you waiting for? Go implement these now!

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