How to be Financially Ready for Christmas

How-to-be-Financially-ready-for-Christmas, How-to-prepare-for-the-Holiday-Season

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Going on a holiday break? ‘Tis the season to go splurging-or not. Here’s how to prepare financially for those Christmas wish lists, treats and travel.

It’s the start of ‘ber’ months, and if you haven’t saved enough already, it is not too late to save more cash with these tipid tips.

1. Re-use teabags/make your own coffee

If you’re a tea/coffee drinker, then you might be spending a lot on stocking up on those tea bags or a frequent run at Starbucks. You can use your tea bags 2-3 times, bonus tip? Pop it in the fridge and voila, you have your instant refreshment on your puffy eyes. Coffee drinker? Stop buying the grande every single day, brew your own coffee at home and fill it in your good ‘ol coffee tumbler.

2. Cut down your electric bill

One trick is the daylight saving time, do not rely on the dryer to dry your clothes. Wake up early in the morning, wash your clothes and hang it under the sunlight. Do everything you need to do while there is daylight, cleaning your garage, your home, open your curtains and the let the sunshine in. Do not switch on the lights until it’s really evening.

3. Use a grocery basket instead of a cart.
When you need to shop for necessities, stick to the basket, not a cart. It’s an illusion that you can only fit a few items in the basket, nothing more. Get the basket so you don’t end up getting more than what you need.

4. Book your flights and accommodation early

Watch out for cheaper plane tickets especially local flights. Browse a lot of legit travel agencies that can get you to dream vacations at the right price. No place to stay? Most hotel rooms are on sale before the peak season, book your accommodations early, best deals are offered when it is still not peak season!
5. Replace your incandescent light bulbs

Invest with LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs. It may be pricier but you will save on electric bills. They last longer than the bright yellow incandescent lights and is a better lighting for reading or at your work space.

6. Garage sale

This is the most cliché step to earning more money however, your trash can be a treasure to anyone. Bring out your unused items, clothes, decors and the like. Sell it online if you do not have a free space in front of your house, or watch out for bazaars where you can sell your stuff! What to do with the earnings? Reward yourself with a good dinner, the rest is save it in your bank account, no excuses.

7.  Be a homebody till Christmas!

Stay at home more often as you can, you are not obliged to hang out every after work or weekend. Save your cash from party nights and restaurants. Sleep more, eat at home, rest, you will save a lot of cash in time for the holiday getaways.

If you really need to earn more money to splurge for the holiday, do some extra work, be a freelancer. Think of what you are passionate about and consider your skills. Use your talent wisely and you’ll be saving up more.


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