6 Quick Ways to Use Social Media as a Small Budget Solution for Small Businesses Needing Brand Awareness

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You just established a new line of products (or services) for your small business. And you’ve got a new brand that you would love to push across different channels and audiences to achieve your revenue goals.

The challenge you face besides competition is your small budget to make this happen.  What do you do? You can turn to social media as a quick-and-easy affordable marketing solution. There are no real shortcuts here but we can show you how to shorten the learning curve. Here’s how to jumpstart your efforts.

Have a goal

Knowing the end in mind at the onset of your plans makes everything else easier to organize and strategize. Start with a goal that will center around your branding efforts on digital platforms. The basics include knowing your target engagement, video views, and number of followers.

Identify your audience

A fundamental first step is to identify a target audience. Don’t fall into the trap of going for everybody. Start with a small niche that you have narrowed down based on core market of prospective clients. Remember, it’s better to own loyal audience than seek to please a wider audience whom you still need to court harder (and need a bigger campaign fund). Take note of the need to build a persona for each target audience.

Balance your messaging strategy with content strategy

The usual challenge for content marketers is crafting a balance between message and content strategies. Marketers will usually have the urge to push their desired messages across all channels without carefully considering the type of content that can deliver the message properly and increase awareness in social media. Thus, it is imperative for small business owners to strike a balance by identifying which messages can be delivered to a certain audience at a particular time at in what form. Remember, when it comes to content, form and substance still count especially in a social media setting.

Limit your channels

When doing B2B marketing in social media, you don’t have to be everywhere. It will all depend on your industry and the types of people you are targeting. Efficiency of use will point you towards Facebook and Instagram which you can use in tandem given the same corporate owners. Plus, the fact that both social platforms have mastered their workable mobile and web versions, having simple dashboards to monitor your progress and ROI are a-breeze. Then again, when deciding on the best social media for B2B, LinkedIn will be at the top of our list given the obvious base of professional users. The bottom line is to limit your channels to what you can handle. Tracking is one thing, budget is another. So have a cost-effective balance in your decision while making sure you use a different tone for each chosen platform.

Show more, tell less

Social media has been transforming from text content to visual content in warp speed. Facebook has been attracting users towards videos which signals its revenue model moving the towards the same as that of Youtube, the giant video social platform. Recommended are thought leadership content such as infographics and video stories that push the authentic brand story. Creative execution is essential in social media and it varies for each channel. So, checking out the more popular pages or accounts that are similar to your business or industry should be constant to keep up with trends.

Engage Regularly with Authenticity

At the end of the day, social media is about engagement. The true measure is in how many people engage with your brand on your social media channels. The challenge though is in balancing regularity with authenticity just to keep up with your metrics. The basic rule is to set your own ROI parameters such as the percentage of conversion from replying to messages. A simple count on bit.ly clicks from social content, for example, allows you to track the number of visitors coming from your social channels to your blog or website. Then again, managing regular authentic content will be key in getting a steady stream of brand interactions.

Brand awareness will always be a challenge when it comes to social media. But given the choice on whether small businesses should use this platform or not to push their messages across their target audiences, social media is still the cheapest or the more cost-effective choice.

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