How Targeted Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

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Source: | How Targeted Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow | With the rise of social media and the immediate accessibility to any chosen audience that comes with it, it can be easy for companies, large and small, to neglect more traditional marketing strategies, such as email marketing. It is vital that businesses no longer depend on generic one-time emails in order to reach and convert their target audience into paying customers. 

Targeted mailing lists are the more advanced offspring of the outdated, generic blanket marketing email. It is the art of creating and sending out personalized content, customized to fit each segment of a target audience, with the aim of receiving the most desirable response from email subscribers or customers. This increases the chance for companies to generate more leads and sales, for example, from clicks on included links and offers based on a consumer’s purchase history. 

Creating marketing mailing lists that are tailored to specific audiences, each with their own specific wants and likes, may take more effort than a traditional mailing list, but the benefits far outweigh the effort. In order to make it work, a business/company must take the time to understand their audience and split them into segments, most commonly depending on four specific categories:  

  • Geographic: where in the world/country/city does the target audience live? 
  • Demographic: what gender(s) or sexualities do the targeted audience identify with? 
  • Psychographic: what are the targeted audience’s interests and hobbies (beauty, video games, sports etc.)? 
  • Behavioural: what are the intentions of the target audience? What will they use the products/offers for? 

By familiarizing themselves with their chosen target audiences, a business or company will not only be able to better understand that audience, they will also be able to use known information (individual customer names, previous buying habits) to create a more powerful one to one experience with each member, due to the immediate relevance within each email. 

The benefits of targeted mailing lists include: 


Creating emails targeted to certain audience segments with relevant content will increase the chances of your audience remembering your content, due to the fact that it is most likely to capture their unique interest in the first place.

Increased Retention 

A customer who has a specific interest in what a company has to offer is going to want to stay on that mailing list in order to receive more product news and offers that are likely to entice them, and hopefully share these with other like-minded members of the public. 

Built Relationships 

The relationship between a business and its consumer should be a balance of give and take. The more value a company gives their audience, the more the audience is likely to interact with them or their service/product, as they themselves feel valued. 

Increased Revenue 

Successfully creating strong relationships with your target audience can mean the difference between a low click-through rate, and a heavily engaged audience, who takes the time to read the content and check out any links to your products or services. This conversion from subscribers to devoted customers is what is going to help drive a business. 

In a world where social media is king, it has been noted that email marketing has a bigger ROI than social media marketing. This is down to many aspects of how social media is used and run, versus the simplicity of email. Social media can be an effective way to gain new customers, but the success rate depends on factors such as user behaviour and algorithms. 

Where an estimated 90% of emails will be received into the proposed audience’s inbox, only about 2% of a target audience on Facebook, for instance, will see a post meant for them on their timelines and newsfeeds. Potential consumers across social media platforms are being constantly bombarded with information and companies vying for their attention. However, one email sent to the right person, with the right information is all it takes to turn a casual consumer into a devoted customer. 

There are a few ways in which to acquire an email list in order to target specific audiences. 

Buy an email list 

Email list providers sell lists of names and emails best suited to the needs of the buyer. This could mean a company or business may purchase email lists containing any number of names and emails of people who live in a certain area, or fit the demographic they would like to target and market their product or service to. Although this may be one of the most efficient ways to gain an audience, it is typically frowned upon as being unethical. 

Rent an email list 

Essentially the same as buying an email list, however, the buyer of the list does not own the list and does not have first-hand access to the names and email addresses on the list. The list provider and the buying company work together in order to send out the emails. 

Acquire an opt-in list 

This is the most organic way to create a targeted mailing list for a business/company. This requires gaining interest from prospective customers enough for them to want to sign up to your mailing list, whether that is in person or online. In doing so, they may also choose what sort of content they would like to be sent via email, such as notifications on the availability of certain products or services, further securing them into a target audience segment, further increasing the prospects of converting them into a devoted and loyal consumer.

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