How Staud is Making Women so Stylish

Making Women so Stylish | How Staud is Making Women so Stylish | What to wear is usually one of the most important decisions a person makes on a daily basis. This is especially true for women who make striving to look their best one of their biggest goals.

Dressing is often much like being in a sorority, making sure to keep up with everyone else when it comes to style. To assist in the stylish endeavors of women, Staud is here to help.

Staud is a vintage clothing line that was founded in 2015 by Sarah Stauding and George Augusto in California. The brand is a favorite among fashionistas and is best known for its ready-to-wear retro style and cult handbags that are not only stylish, but also functional. The Staud line focuses on providing vintage-pieces that are not seasonal, but can be worn year-round. In addition, its clothing can be worn straight from the office to date night, and their handbags double for dinner and a party. Staud caters to the women who strive for versatility with high quality material, yet wants to make sure that the product is affordable. 

The brand is unique and easily recognizable with jumpsuits that were inspired by the 1950’s look, frocks that appear to be designed for sunwear in Los Angeles, and eccentric handbags. Although Staud has an amazing clothing line, it is most popular for its hand bags and accessories. They are a popular item on the runway, exciting women because of their distinction and quality. Women leave the shows ready to find outfits for the sole purpose of being stylish by matching their clothes with the hand bags, just the opposite of what the norm used to be.

In addition to their visual appeal, Staud’s clothing and handbags are affordable which causes them to be even more alluring. Their affordability makes Staud popular with women of all classes. For example, the handbags usually sell for less than $600. Staud is worn by high profile women such as Kendall Jenner, Dakota Fanning, Eva Chen, and Alexa Chung as well as women in everyday societal classes. Although the product may represent the California style, Staud does not focus on any particular area or social class, but wants everyone to be comfortable with its product.

Many women strive for a California style which is thought to be fun and lighthearted. Staud makes its brand ‘all about attitude’ creating playful designs for those who are high spirited and catering to women who want something really special at a price they can afford. Staud’s brand is also versatile and does not adhere to many of the norms in fashion. In fact, Staud tries not to be too serious and is ‘professionally unprofessional.’The brand is continually changing and growing, according to Sarah Stauding,”…it has opinions and mood swings.”

In just four years, Staud’s brand has gained a plethora of followers. This is due in part to Instagram which helped the brand show off its products. Many of its celebrity followers advocated the line on Instagram by posting Staud’s products and showing off their style through photos. Staud also told its story on there and showed customers how to style their pieces, gaining an even larger following than was imagined.

When it comes to women, fashion and style generally rank especially high on the list of important things in their life. They want to look their best. Staud strives to help women achieve this goal. The brand is continually working to maintain and grow their fun and unique brand.  Staud wants women to make women stylish by providing high quality items at an affordable price.

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