3 Etiquettes to Follow in Business Text Messages

3 Etiquettes to Follow in Business Text Messages Encrypted Messenger

Negosentro.com | 3 Etiquettes to Follow in Business Text Messages | Texting colleagues, customers, clients, and stakeholders is a mainstream practice in all businesses. However, if you frequently engage with them, this habit can easily piss them off.  As a business owner, you need to go the extra mile when carving business text messages. You should text a customer when you want them to provide them with valuable information. Because a millennial customer is exposed to thousands of businesses in a day, getting flocked with several text messages from the same company will ruin its image. Here are a few etiquettes for sending business text messages.

1.   Get Permission

Always seek permission before sending a business text message to a customer. For example, when a customer visits your store outlet, you should ask for their permission to keep them updated with the business info when seeking their details. Not everyone is going to look forward to your mass text messaging throughout the day and night.

2.   Don’t Keep the Business Identity Discreet

When sending a text message to the customer, make sure to include the business name at the start and the end of the message. This way, a customer will not get confused about what they have received on their phone. If you don’t, a customer will never get exposed to the information you just shared with them. Sometimes, text messages from the business can provide valuable information to the clients that they have been looking for.

3.   Text During the Normal Hours of the Day

Texting in the wee hours of the night is not a healthy practice even though most people sleep late. Secondly, don’t ping your customers or colleagues at the weekend. It is when people want to go on a social detox and have fun with their loved ones. 

Make an effort to communicate only when you believe the information will excite the audience. For instance, if your store has decided to give a flat 50% discount on all products, this information should be shared with the audience on time.